Best tablet remote for Roon- Ipad? Android?


I’m looking to get a tablet as a remote for Roon. Tablet will primarily be used as a roon-remote.

Which tablet/os delivers the best remote experience? Is the ipad version of the remote better/worse than android? I don’t own any ios devices and never have, but am willing to buy one if the roon experience is (significantly) better.

Hoping that someone with experience with several tablets/remotes can chime in.

Thank you!


The big 12.9" iPad Pro is the best device for Roon. The Roon team loves it, and it is so much better on the big iPad Pro than it is on anything else.

You will love it.

The iPads usually give a bigger bang on single CPU performance and the 12.9" iPad Pro can go portrait too.

It’s not cheap, but if you want the best experience Roon on a tablet, you can’t get any better. In my experience, most people who have tried it find any other experience lacking. Storage does not matter for Roon, so unless you want to use it for something else, smallest storage is fine.


If you only use it for roon and some other apps like browsing and don’t need lte/gsm etc you can probably get away with the bare minimum spec 12” Ipad with wifi only and 64gb

I’m using and iPad Air 2 that’s 3 years old and pretty happy with it for now


The big Ipad is great, but i find it too big for on the couch. There i just use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, way cheaper by the way and works excellent

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Yeah, you’ve finally convinced me.
Plus I read almost everything on iPad these days, saving trees, and the bigger screen in portrait mode is appealing.
Plus Lightroom when on a photo trip.


I confirm. I use the same and love it. Regarding to the couch, every screen lower than 12,9" seems to small now :wink:


I have had great success with the Ipad Pro 9.7", and the Ipad Air. Just traded in two IPad Air version 1 16gb tablets for two new iPad Air 128gb tablets (at the Apple Store). They work great. The extra storage is really helpful.

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The Galaxy Tab A works well, if you are willing to mess around, the Fire 8 HD is a very cheap option.

I worried about that before I had my iPad Pro but now, all other tablets are too small for me. I just got used to it.

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Thank you for all of your replies!

The Ipad Pro 12,9 is certainly alluring, but also very pricy…

I am wondering if any other tablets are able to run the remote in full portrait mode. What are the requirements for this, screen resolution?

I’m looking at the ten inch Samsung Tab A at the moment due to it’s very appealing price.

I bought mine from the Apple refurbished site and save a good bit of money. Worth looking into. Eventually you will forget the price.

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at the moment, no… what is required is horizontal screen pixels multiplied by dpi.

Surface pro?


I use a cheap new generation Surface Pro and prefer it to the big iPad. It’s just faster and, in addition, you have a real computer. The price of the two is comparable.

I use an Pipo X10 -Very nice blend of a portable and stationery device.

iPad Pro certainly very nice but if you want to just spend a third of the money and can do with a 10 inch screen then have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for $349…Full size, fast enough and great screen.

To illustrate what @danny has been saying about the 12” iPad Pro, I really like it in portrait mode. It holds 49 albums, while landscape mode holds 28.


Will other tablets have support for portrait mode in the future? Eg. the Samsung s2/s3?

Thank you for your reply.

no, not yet.

I gave the Apple Ipad some thought.
But I decided to buy the new Surface Pro. I like it with Roon, plus I have the flexibility of using lots of other stuff I need on a daily basis.
And I can run Acourate to create filters on the same tablet.
I got the i5 version, which is fast enough for anything and more battery conscious than the i7 incarnations.