Beta Testing Roon

Purchased an new tablet to use as Roon remote.Changed setting in Google storefor app to beta.Been 5 days still not on beta ?

Have done these steps.Roon Rock on early access.Windows 11 desktop used as remote on early access.Folowed steps for android which was 5 ays ago it is not on early access

Probably you will only get it from the app store when the next update rolls around. For now, Roon remote build 1182 in production is the same as the last 1180 in earlyrelease, anyway. Though the earlyrelease ARC is newer than what’s in production.

In the meantime you can get it from here:

Though I find it preferable to get the updates from the Play store rather than having to install APK files all the time. And to make this work, you have to uninstall the APK again and reinstall from the app store

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