Between DENAFRIPS TERMINATOR-PLUS And Holo Audio - May DAC - KTE Edition

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Can you please share your experiences & knowledge of the products; It will vastly help me to decide…

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Two great DACs. You can’t make a bad choice between those two.

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The 1K+ price difference and the delivery time are the only pointers i guess…

It’s not apples to apples but the delivery thing is the reason I bought a Denafrips DAC last year over the Holo Audio DAC. My original plan was to buy the Spring DAC but could not get one. So I bought a Denafrips. Alvin at Vinshine is a great guy to work with and he most of time has stock.

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Looks like it’s gonna be a similar case with me too… Holo’s 5 - 6 weeks (4 - 5 weeks for development + 1 week for shipping) … against 3 weeks In total by Denafrips for T+…

Keep in mind…no remote with the Denafrips. That’s the only downside.

I have the Denafrips Venus. It also has no remote. Why would I need a remote?

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Convenience? For me, if I want to toggle between NOS and OS on my Terminator, my system is behind my speakers so to hear the difference with a direct A/B comparison, I need to ask my wife to push the button for me while I sit in the sweet spot and listen for the difference. She’s happy to do it and I don’t do it that often, but a remote would make it easier. Same with Phase and any other button. But you certainly don’t NEED a remote. They simply are a convenience, nothing more.

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T+ is on the way… :grinning: 3 weeks to go…


Congratulations! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Hello All,

Any idea of how I can control the volume with the following setup… @VinshineAudio @wklie

ROON–>LUMIN U1(Ethernet)–> Denafrips T±->A500 active speaker?

Do I need a Pre-Amp before I Feed A500’s?


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@wklie, I finally understood yesterday what you meant… :slight_smile:

Received the T+, 4th Day of burn-in… Waiting for my XLR cables… Tested T+ using the A500’s WISA connection, It’s just awesome… The sound is all around me, the vocals actually tell you where the speakers are located, else the music is all around you…

I’m sure with XLr’s and few more days of BURN-IN will only make it more heavenly… :slight_smile:

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Hi @John_Aiello Could you give some details on your experience with the Venus? Other than reviews I don’t see much on line from owners. Does it appeal to all kinds of music? Any specific pros, cons or your overall impressions? Was it the upgrade you expected? Thanks!!

Personal message sent.

I’d probably try the Holo Audio May as it has good reviewers and their gear measure better. This coming from a Yggdrasil A2 owner, so it’s not alway about measurements. :grinning:

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What has been your experience with the T+?

I am considering upgrading from Holo Audio Spring - lvl2 with ISO Regen and linear PSU.
I am convinced about the virtues of a ladder DAC:-)

Thanks in advance v

Don’t mean to thread-jack, but I have been using a Terminator Plus for about 5 months now, and can’t say enough good things about it. I came from an Auralic Aries G2/Vega G2/Leo GX setup before, and have to say the Denafrips smokes it. I am using the T-Plus with a Denafrips Gaia DDC to convert USB from my Auralic Aries G1 to I2S into the Terminator Plus. The master OXCO clock in the Terminator+ also provides clock services to the Gaia.

I can’t comment on the sound of the Holo Spring, as I have not heard it, but have read good things about it.

I really cannot recommend the Terminator Plus highly enough. Detailed, holographic sound stage, precise imaging with a nice air around everything, and a warm yet focused presentation. Best DAC I have owned.

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Thanks Scott, great to hear.
Is the Gaia essential when it comes to USB input? I used to have the Singxer in place to do the I2S conversion. I’m the end I took it out as it was just adding another link in the chain without - to my ears - sonic benefits.