Blacklisted Files and Folders

The text quoted at the bottom is from the Knowledge Base.

@mike this looks like it could be used by the user to selectively “escape” certain folders within a watched folder. For example, in a folder /RoonLibrary I could have lots of folders, and amongst them /RoonLibrary/temp/ or even /RoonLibrary/CDs/temp which are folders on the same level as folders I want watched.

Can you confirm that such usage of this feature is supported? If so this is great news. I was about to request it!

Further, can you confirm (to a neurotic) that it’s really OK to add a period to the beginning of folder names, on all file systems? Or is this a Windows-only thing? I was under the impression that file names starting with a period were universally illegal, so am confused. Please can you (or @brian perhaps) clarify and confirm that this is universally OK? (If it is really OK, and we can add a dot to anything, making ones own custom blacklisted folder names is dead easy!)

Blacklisted Files and Folders
Roon’s importing process is based on automatic folder scanning, so some system files or other temporary content is skipped to ensure cross-platform compatibility and stability. Most collections don’t have any issues with this, but if you’re missing files, you may want to check for content stored in folders that match our naming rules.

Folders with the following naming conventions will be skipped by Roon’s folder scanning:

is named /tmp or /temp
is named /appdata
is named, or starts with a period, e.g. /…and Justice For All/ or /.temp/
is named, or starts with /system volume information
is named, or starts with $recycle.bin
is named, or starts with /recycler

folder names starting with ‘.’ will be ignored… I had to rename my “… And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead” albums to remove the 3 periods at the front of the name.

I’ve since discovered that (sadly) my NAS won’t allow a period at the start of a folder name. :frowning:

This whole thing about different file systems having different specifications is really doing my head in…

another reason I don’t like NAS’ … it’s your system and your data. a . denotes a hidden folder in *nix

With you there. Am changing over to direct connected, slowly…

It may well be your system & your data but it has to sit on someone’s filesystem.

Take a look at the restrictions NTFS place on filenames - Via MSDN

I always love it when people create files with names like CON or LPT4 & wonder why things don’t work.

PS: My fav band is “Bobby & the Drop Tables”

I know of at least one person who has used an SQL injection bug on an automatic number plate recognition system…

Agreed, but *nix poses no limitations on using a period at the beginning of a filename, it just denotes the file as hidden. for a NAS to impose such a limitation is unnecessary intervention to save the user from him/herself.

I guess some users need saving.

PS: Did you know that the original . = hidden file was caused by a bug in ls?

nope, had no idea.:laughing: