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I recently purchased the nucleus in conjunction with Roon.
I also have an internal HD with my music library installed in Nucleus (7000 tracks) .
In my office I use a BlueSound Powernode 2i with Focal Speakers, living room Bluesound Node Yamaha amplifier, Focal speakers, further in living room Philips Ambilight B&W, kitchen Mu-so QB 2nd Gen, library Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge.

No matter what I try, when I play through Bluesound I constantly have crackling sounds, both through Tidal as well as my own library. This makes me ec tive considering the investment and I like to listen to classical background music, especially in my office.

My settings:

I am really at a loss for words :frowning:
And yes, I know a lot has already been written about this problem but whatever I try, it remains misery.
Reinstalling Bluesound, switching renderer/decoder, EQ parametrisation …

Can anyone give good solving advice?
Thanks in advance

How are your system components connected together? Wired ethernet or WiFi? What network hardware are you using?

Hey @Gauthier_Gevaert,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. We’d absolutely love to help you experience Roon at its best with your audio system. To make sure our technical team has all the information they need to help, could you please make sure to include the information below in a reply on this thread?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Description Of Issue

Thanks in advance,

Try a factory reset of the bluesound devices.

Hi @Gauthier_Gevaert,

I’m also having the same issue with the Bluesound Node 2 and Node 2i. I’m still waiting to get further direction from support.

The factory reset didn’t work for me but maybe it will for you. It sounds identical to what my Nodes are doing.


I have Roon version 1.7 (build710) running on Nucleus with 1TB internal hard drive.

As previously stated:

1 + BlueSound Powxernode / Focal Speakers
1 * Bluesound Node / Focal Speakers
1 * Philips Ambilight B&W
1 * Mu-so QB 2nd Gen
1 * Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge

LAN connected

And back as said the problem is there only with combination Roon / Bluesound… crackling sounds, every song, MQA or not…

When I Roon Philips Ambilight B&W, Mu-so QB 2nd Gen
or Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge setup use no problem.

Also when I play directly through my Tidal App to Bluesound, pristine sound.

The problem occurs only when I have Roon playing through BlueSound.

So with all due respect and courtesy, the problem really does situate itself when combining Roon with Bluesound.

And again with all sympathy, I find this factually outrageous. You guys are arguing that BlueSound is completely RoonReady!? Not so.

Based on your compatibility guarantee I bought Roon and the Nucleus, which isn’t sold at a bargain price, is it?

So the problem really lies with Roon or Bluesound.
Anyway, I think the solution should come from you as your company labels my Bluesound devices as RoonReady; this can be read as a kind of quality and warranty mark against you, right?

I sincerely hope for a correct attitude in this matter, taking your responsibility and not playing with the hot potato.

Honestly, I think your system is groundbreaking for the music lover and I definitely see an added value in it, but … I find your Roonready-PR rather rocketeering.

So again; take your responsibility, deal with this problem internally. And even if the problem lies with Bluesound, take your responsibility and let them fix this “bug” since you are giving them your seal of approval.


Thanks for your suggestions … I did this several times without success

Thanks for your response.
I have indeed done this, rebuilt from scratch … the problem occurs only combination roon / bluesound
When I stream Tidal directly via Tidal App to Bluesounbd, perfect sound.
Furthermore, Roon works perfectly with my non-Bluesound devices, again: perfect sound.
With my 2 Bluesound devices: crying foul :frowning:

Hey @Gauthier_Gevaert,

Thanks a million for writing that detailed post. It will be of great help for our technical team.

Thanks @mendres for joining in and sharing you’re running into a similar issue.

One of our technicians will reply on this thread as soon as possible.

It’s not clear from your replies - is the Bluesound connected via wired ethernet or via wireless?

Hello @Gauthier_Gevaert

Are you still seeing issues on the latest version of Roon? Also, just to confirm, are you on the latest available Bluesound firmware?

Hello Dylan

Yes, unfortunately still the same problems and above all very unfortunate that you only take up this question 22 days after my initial report.

All the software and firmware (BluOS, Roon) is up to date (also Nucleus).
I sincerely hope that you will give this priority… I also find this very unfortunate as I have specifically bought a Nucleus and now, because of this bad sound, I only have a negative value on your system. I always get flawless sound through Tidal and BluOS.

Thanks for a quick solution!

Hi, Sorry to hear you are still having problems. 22 days ago I asked (twice) for clarification around your network. Are your Bluesound devices connected to your core via Wi-Fi or via cabled ethernet?

There are known issues with Roon and Bluesound over Wi-Fi. From my understanding, this is a Bluesound issue rather than a Roon issue. I have a Bluesound Node 2i connected to my Roon Core over ethernet and have had no issues whatsoever.

Roon by its very nature is network intensive - an awful lot of the issues I see reported can be attributed to poor network topology/configuration.

IMHO, Wi-Fi is pants - I see so many issues with it, even in corporate environments. Even though I have enterprise grade Wi-Fi around my house via multiple APs, each with Gbit wired backhaul, I still wouldn’t trust it with anything critical. If a networked device is important enough to cause you stress, it’s important enough for you to run a cable to it.

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My apologies, I had not replied to your message because there is no mention of whether or not you are a member of Roon’s technical staff… and I am not used to posting on forums.

As for your statement about WiFi, I can only agree with you, which is why there is Ethernet cabling everywhere.
There is no WiFi problem with BlueSound as both my Nodes are connected via Ethernet.
More so, my Mu-so QB 2nd Gen
and Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge are WiFi connected and there is no problem with them.

Also, even if it is a BlueSound problem (which I think it is), I still think Roon is to blame. If you guarantee the customer that this brand plays 100% correctly without any malpractices with their software and hardware (nucleus), you can’t just get rid of it later on… Roon should at least prioritize this issue with themselves and BlueSound… and, wait for it, withdraw BlueSound’s RoonReady label

Hi Gauthier, not a member of Roon’s technical staff, just trying to help out. Roon’s technical staff are extremely busy and it sometimes takes quite a bit of time to respond to issues. In your Bluesound devices’ settings in Roon what are your MQA settings? Also, have you tried resetting your Bluesound devices?

It’s easy to say that Roon should just pull BlueSound’s RoonReady label, however a considerable amount of time and effort from both side goes into the setup and testing before RoonReady labelling is given.

It benefits no one to just withdraw it if a firmware or software change causes problems. It wouldn’t help your situation at all if Roon walked away from BlueSound, would it? I believe that Roon takes a much more collaborative stance with device manufacturers where it comes resolving these types of issues.

I’m sure both Bluesound and Roon are working hard on this. Have you tried contacting the BlueSound support team for their input?

And your approach is certainly appreciated …
Setting Roon Bluesound equipment: decode + render, as recommended (but I have also converted).
Yes, full reset (and updates) of BlueSound already done.

I certainly do not want to “speak easily” and I understand that there are many variables when a “platform” works with different manufacturers. Harsh words I will not use lightly.

As a “digital layman” but classical audiophile it is just frustrating to, after all advice rigorously to have obtained an ideal setting, cantatas of Bach to hear with sudden crackles in the subtle pieces …

I understand that it is busy, but if a company wants to profile itself as the better niche player, it should, in my opinion, also have excellent and exceptional support.

My initial response to their technical questions was 23 days ago …

To conclude, once again, just frustrating … under normal circumstances I become calm when listening to my favourite pieces of music :wink:

But certainly no bad intentions!

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