BluRay based Surround Audio Music (2D/3D)


Just curious: is someone of you fellow rooners also into BluRay based Surround Audio Music?

Managed to collect some rarities b4 that kind of sound carrier medium died.

What I listened to over Tidal sounds pretty artificial to me.

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I do have a few BluRay Audio discs myself but many more DVD-A discs.
Unfortunately they just did not catch on, similar to SACD although they all have a loyal following.

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I collect Blu-Ray music (Atmos-TrueHD 7.1.4 and DTS-HD MA 5.1 respectively). I’m very enjoying it. :smiley:

Apple Music DD+ Atmos 7.1.4 or Atmos-TrueHD 7.1.4 or 12ch DXD → HQPlayer [DRC + ECv2 modulator upsampling] → 12ch DSD256

It’s a whole new world.

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If well mixed, balanced, it definitely is a new world!

Where do you get it from: live stream? Carrier based?

Yours seems to be a wav stream, rite?

2L provides downloadable 12ch discrete DXD as a buying option for their newly released albums. And of course the “Tuvayhun” is soooo good that I bought a physical Blu-Ray album as well.

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I definitely will listen into that.

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I’m still into physical media, and have amassed a sizeable SACD/DVD-A/BRA collection.

I play them through my surround system upstairs, and they sound great. I’m a big fan of surround sound! :smiley:

Happy to hear that, Martin!

You definitely should look into that Metallica Black Album, DVD 5.1. Bought it in the USA. Playing the ‘Enter Sandman’ riffs on my Les Paul right now.

Sound is like a freight train slamming into a wall…


This is a list of my SACD etc collection:

I’ve been collecting for some years now, and some discs are very rare now. It’s a shame that physical media is now dying-out :frowning:

Apart from VINYL! :laughing:

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Very impressive :grin::+1::+1:

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Cheers Marcus. It’s been 40-years in the making :money_mouth_face:

So you ‘beat’ me by far…started up playing classic violin in orchestra’s for 8 years, had my own band afterwards (managed to be one of the foregroups of the Scorpions once) and now I’m about to retire - back to music. Got myself a Les Paul and a custom made Strat lately, Drumsets, mixer, mics and tape still upstairs. Going to venture back into that latest end of next year…

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You should look here: QuadraphonicQuad - Surround Polls

My Roon “focus” on all non-stereo (it’s the easiest way to bookmark - it includes 4.0, 5.1, 7.1) albums says 226 surround albums in my library. Some of them really rare. The latest - Pink Floyd “Animals”.
I hope we have some fans of surround music over here :wink:


Thanks for the link and that very interesting inside, Sebastian!

I have a small collection of multichannel music on Blu-ray, DVD-A, and SACD. I love a great multichannel mix. It’s hard to find titles I like though. It’s too bad it hasn’t taken off. :frowning:

I started a similar thread some time back.

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I like Blu-ray Audio (BRA), but I just rip all the audio and play it through Roon.

If it was released more outside of large overpriced box sets that are combined with other unnecessary formats, I would invest in them more.

My favorites are the Chicago and Doobie Brothers Quadio sets, the XTC surround sets, Alan Parsons Project BRAs, and all the Pink Floyd offerings.

I like SACD a lot as well. I am not as fond of DVDA discs, but I have a lot of them. The Porcupine Tree and Depeche Mode DVDAs are pretty good, but I prefer SACD and BRA.

Oh! And the Gentle Giant BRAs are great too! :grinning:

Just did a test and bought:

Great sound :slight_smile:

Q: How do you connect Roon Core to your surround setup? HDMI?

Q: Where do you buy surround sound online? (only download)


Thanks for that hint, Torben!

Will have a look into that, Marcus