Bose Companion 5 won't play on Roon Build 128

I down loaded Roon 1.1 for the 14 day free trial. It was working fine and then I downloaded Version 1.2 and none of my files will play. I can see all my music in my library and select any song or album to play. When I hit the play arrow a little screen pops up saying its playing one song. When I look in the play que no songs are listed. No status bar appears at the botton of the screen showing the progression of the song playing as it did in version 1.1. My mac mini is a late 2014 model with 16GB of ram and a 2TB fusion drive. It’s got the latest version of El Capitan 10.11.4/ I use a Bose USB speaker system with the mac mini. My iTunes Library and James Rived Media Center software work as usual. Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Ron,

Is the Bose zone showing on the screen on the bottom right next to the volume icon?

One observation, if you select a song and press play, it will only play that song and then play Radio (random music like the song you just played). You won’t see anything in the queue. If you play an album, then the songs will show in the queue. If you want to play a song mid album and all the songs after, press and hold or right click the song and then select Play from Here at the top of the screen.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Yes, the symbol of a speaker appears in the bottom right of the screen. The Bose system is set up n the desk top audio zone. When I choose the zone for my Meridian MS600 the music plays fine through my system. When the desk top audio zone is selected, if I try to play an album a small screen pops up towards the botton of the window indicatng the number of tracks playing, but the que still shows as no music has been selected to play. The radio function is turned off.

Thanks for your assistance.


Hello @Rkl2525,

There was an issue with an ability to playback through the BOSE system. But we’ve fixed it in build 128, which was released few days ago.
Before starting the troubleshoot process, would you mind to open Settings window, go to the About page and verify that your are using the latest build (#128).

Thanks in advance.

I have verified that I am running Roon 1.2 version 128 stable (64 bit)


I can play music using the radio function even though it is turned off. When I click on any song or album when the play button is clicked none of the music from my library will play. However if I click on the radio button the software starts to select songs from my library and they play fine through the Bose speaker system. It appears the radio feature is preventing any music I select from being played through the Desk audio zone.


Hey @Rkl2525 – can you give us some more details about how the Bose system is set up? Screenshots like the ones at the end of this post would be great.

The Bose System is the Bose Companion 5 system and is connected to my Mac Mini vis usb. It was working fine until I downloaded Roon 1.2. I updated the software to version 128 but the problem is still the same. Don’t know how to do screen shots.


Hi Ron,

Command + Shift + 3 will copy entire screen
Command + Shift + 4 will allow you to select an area.

The pics will be saved to your desktop.

Cheers, Greg

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f6ae7834264123483bc929ce900d4e4b93d5e166.png" width=“690” height=“388”>

Here are 3 screen shots that I hope will be useful.


Hey @Rkl2525 – sorry for the trouble here.

We’ve had some issues in the past with the Bose Companion 5 system, as we’ve seen that in certain configurations it does not accept 2 channel audio, and only accepts 5 channel audio. This is pretty uncommon in our experience, and we know that when it is working it’s usually because the operating system or other applications are converting the audio.

We haven’t had a lot of luck supporting this configuration in the past, but we have some new options here with 1.2 live, so we’d like to take another look at this issue. @vova or myself will be in touch to gather some more info from you, and we’ll see if we can get this working for a future release.

For now, I’m guessing you may have better luck playing via the System Output. Have you tried that?


I can confirm. that using Roon 1.2 (128) 64bit is not playing music with Bose Companion 5.
The device is not detected to be able to play stereo sound:

Hopefully you will find a way to make this device usable, as other software does.

For now, you can use the system output instead of using the USB connection directly. It won’t be bit perfect, but you’ll have music at least.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me (Windows 10 x64).
Roon will not play any sound even using the system output!

The problem exists unchanged with the new version 1.2 R142.

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