Brand new iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 not working in portrait mode

Roon remote and Core both running V1.7 with build 537

Today got my new iPad Pro 12.9” gen 4/2020 version.

Roon forces landscape view and will not display portrait view.

Tried closing and restarting Roon. Tried rebooting iPad. No change

A brief trawl of the forums shows I’m not Robinson Crusoe with this issue.

Is there anything I can do or provide that might assist?


It is working just fine. However, portrait mode is only available in one of the directions possible! Try rotating your iPad 180°!

Not working on my iPad Pro 12.9” 4th gen/2020. Apparently the iPad Pro 3rd gen/2018 doe\sn’t have this problem. Which device are you using?

I’m using a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" 128Gb, model A2229…

Hi @Michael_Blair,

Is this the WiFi only model or WiFi + Cellular?

Same problem with Pro 11” 2020.

Hi @dylan,

I have the WiFi + Cellular model. 256GB. Software version 13.4.1. Model number MXF52X/A

Thanks Mikael. I tried ‘both’ portrait modes and neither work.

I did notice that if open Roon while holding the iPad in portrait mode Roon display in landscape mode however it’s not full screen. It’s almost as if it’s displaying portrait in landscape mode with huge black bars either side. Weird.

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I read here about someone that saw the exact same thing. That is very strange though. I can’t see any reason for the graphics or setttings to differ between models?

Hi @BlackJack thanks for your note. However portrait mode is not working on my 2020 iPad Pro12.9". I note you have posted in a similar thread that this seems to be something to do with the WiFi + Cellular models. Hoping next release resolves. Cheers blairy

Hi @Michael_Blair,

We are aware of an issue with the WiFi+Cellular model that is preventing portrait mode from working properly – We hope to have a fix for this available soon and we’ll be sure to keep you updated when we have information about this.


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