Broken....Fix the tag removal in 1.8 - what a step backwards! [Fixed!]

Oh dear oh dear.

This is terrible.

I used Roon to tag albums, many thousands of albums, temporarily. Eg, as “to be sorted” and now to locate and remove albums from tags has turned from a simply right click, remove, to searching within the tag group on a separate page for the album, locating the album, and then removing the tag.

What a complete cockup.

What possessed Roon to break a perfectly pleasurable UX?


I concur. This needs to be fixed. The scheme that the developers gave us is unacceptable.


As a result, of the useless tagging, I’ve just deleted all my tags. Pointless. A completely broken feature for me now :frowning: - it used to be a major reason for me to use Roon.


Restore from your last backup. I think Roon will soon acknowledge the mistake involved in album tags and track tags and do their best to reinstate them.

Roon have always been responsive post upgrade if they have made a miscalculation.

Mind you it would be nice to have some official comment and hopefully that will come soon.



Good idea… but I’ll relish rebuilding my tags and using the repaired feature as and when Roon decide to get over their temporary insanity.

For now, I’d rather not have any tags rather than be frustrated at every attempt to use the feature.

I jumped onto this forum because of this very issue. I’m relieved that I’m not the only one. The new tag UI is dreadful and I thought I initially had run into some kind of rendering error, then I realised that the UX is dreadful as well. You can only add one tag at a time, then to remove a tag if you have to cycle through a tag group, find the album and remove it.
Not good at all.


Hah! I had a bit of an adrenalin rush when I realised that they’d broken it. I was a bit blasé about folks’ anger at the 1.8 update, thinking “get over it, Roon’ll fix it soon enough”…now this has really hit me, as tagging really was a flagship feature for my Roon use prior.


Totally agreed. It almost feels like Roon wants to tease Tag users. - just hold back that last bit we need to really use them!

See the thread I’ve added:

With respect to this change, there seems no reason to do that - it wasn’t taking up space, I can’t imagine it confused people, and it allows for much better object-centric management of collections. I don’t want to go to a tag to address an album, I want to go to the album and then modify its tag. Before we could do either.


I use tags extensively and am holding off upgrading to 1.8 until the tagging issues are fixed. Could it be that the same functionality is there, just done in a different way?

I appreciate graphic design and am content with the screenshots of the new overall look. I just hope the graphic design folks didn’t fail to understand that the user base is mostly male and that things can still look clean and fresh without losing the core functionality and features necessary to organize our massive libraries.

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Same situation with playlist function (not visible if a track is in a playlist in album view)…

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There is functionality, but it’s buried on a separate page and involves searching and finding specific albums to remove them from the Tag, which makes it nigh on unusable for regular usage.

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Totally agree. Tags are the most important feature of Roon. Without tags, there is no reason to not use only Tidal and save the money. Tags are the only way to make effective listening lists, divided for genres, ratings, Penguin Guide Crowns or Rosettes, Grammy Winners, or what else. And we need to transfer that disc from the tag “to be heared”, to the “heared” one, when we have done with it. And we need multiple tags, if that album is simultaneously present in multiple guides, for instance. Now it became a labor, before we had just one window and we could remove and add multiple tag in one second.
The actual thing is just STUPID.


I really hope that there will be some quick work going on in the backroom at Roon to fix this poor situation! There’s a lot of bad feeling over this.

It’s odd that @mike has comment that the broken shuffle 5000 track limit is being worked on, but not this, which worries me that it’s a low priority item or not recognised as being broken.

Lobby on guys!!

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hello, call tag, mark albums (ipad, macbook pro) with long click, check edit, menu (…) remove tags, done, simple, greetings

agree… new tag management is unusable


I also concur. I miss not see which tracks are in playlists. Upgrades should add functionality not take it way. My vote for this to be reinstated please.


Yeah. I kinda freaked out when I realized there was no way to see, in an album, the playlists the tracks belong to! Baffling that this would get straight up removed. I can understand burying it in the settings and having it off by default…I guess. If you’re going for a minimalist thing. But to just rip it out entirely?

I’ve spent a lot of time adding track to playlists. I had actually just thought of a feature that would be cool to have…playlist folders! But come to find out that they’d actually gone the other way & crippled playlist usability instead.

I did see in another thread that Brian, the Roon…CTO I think? Said they were working on restoring this.

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Technically: the multi-selection option by using checkboxes in addition with the save and cancel buttons is missing. Bringing those features back to any tag-context menu would enable us both to identify already assigned tags, and add or remove one or multiple tags at once from any position (album, composer, whatever)

Emotionally: That worked VERY, VERY WELL in previously releases, and I beg the Roon-team to bring it back in further updates. PLEASE !


Help is on the way: Roon has promised to bring this feature back (see other thread about this subject…

Well you know the old saying ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’, Roon seemed to have looked at Tags and said if it ain’t broken, break it. I’ve just spent an hour trying to sort this after deleting several important tags completely, rather than just single albums. It was so EASY prior to 1.8. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that my excursion into Roon was a very expensive mistake!