"Bug" iPhone constant high usage with app. Causing hight heat and battery drain on phone

Roon Core Machine

Iphone Xs max
iOS 15.2.1
Roon 108 build 1903
Intel NUC rock 108 build 903

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP link wireless router

Connected Audio Devices

Intel NUC rock 108 build 903 hardwired into tplink router
USB Direct connect to NAD M12 Receiver

Number of Tracks in Library

All Streaming

Description of Issue

After upgrading to the latest build 903 The CPU usage is high and constant whether the app is open in the forefront or background after starting to steam music from my iphone. There is a heavy battery drain.

I am not using beta lock screen controls

The issue is causing a massive amount of heat in the phone from the hardware usage

I also noticed an unusually high level of Roon background activity draining my iPhone battery overnight after I played some music to fall asleep to with the sleep timer. As far as I know I have not had this issue before, so I am also assuming it has to do with build 903.

Brand new user of Roon on Android and ever since installing my battery is taking a beating. App never seems to go into the background, so I’m starting to get into the habit of closing the app when I’m done making a selection - not really optimal.

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