Bug on Android: Feedback to fix in topic how-to-edit-correct-collected-stats-metrics-in-1-8/141901

@dylan @support , I marked your initial reply to me in an early request for assistance as the solution. That left me unable to add this feedback. Thus I am opening this new topic as a continuation of…

There is a vitally important caveat to that fix recommended. And my belief is it uncovers a bug that should be noted and put on the backlog to address; could be soon and quickly as it seems trivial to accomplish. Here are the details.

Touched on earlier, be it the Roon app on my Samsung Note 8 phone (does not support rotation) or my Fire HD10 tablet (supports rotation), the My History page does not have a scrollbar. Making it impossible to find the plays in question thru “flicking” of the finger to scroll. As I have over 8000 maybe close to 9000 plays.

I run MS RDP on my core server and MS RDP for Android on both my phone and tablet. When I RDP’ed to my core on the tablet (larger screen, native resolution, thus usable) and opened Roon client on it, the My History page does have a scrollbar. I believe the missing scrollbar in the Android App that can and should quickly be addressed. Please pass this on.

Now, please take note and pass this on as well. This would be an enhancement request, not a bug.

A) finding the plays in question was a major ‘pita’ as there is no search (by artist or album) or colum filter, so I had to scroll thru over 8000 plays for a play date I really had no idea about.

B) once located, as the list I was working from was not filtered so I could not make use of the “select all” at the top, I had to individually ‘click’ something like 350-ish records in the My History list. I did it in a few batches. But as you could imagine, another ‘pita’ that really needn’t be. Not if the Artist column had a pulldown column filter in the form of an entry field that would accept the name of the artist thus limiting the list to just what I was looking for.

Thank you for your time and the assistance.


P.s. my lifetime Roon account is under a different email than this community profile. Is there any way to merge them? I would like all of this community account’s activity to be folded into that identity. Please advise.

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