Bugs coming back in 814 on iPhone

Puh - what is happening here?

  • when scrolling for example in a playlist this stuttering bug is again there
  • in playlists there is no scrollbar again showing where you are in that playlist
  • most of the time in playlists the song which is currently playing isn’t marked / with the playing icon

Has this been a complete mess or some libraries been missing in this build?!

@dylan I guess this is known?

Hello @Markus_Hubner,

I’m sorry to hear that Roon Remote app on mobile seems to cause issues (again) :sweat:

Since you’ve started experiencing these issues / possible bugs, did you get a chance to uninstall the app, restart the phone and reinstall the app?

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Unfortunately both are still present when completely uninstalling and installing the app on iOS.


We’re very sorry to hear. Our team can take a closer look and help with insights and potential next steps. Would you please fill out the form found here:

Thanks in advance :pray:

Will do - hopefully the Roon team can find a fix soon