Build 102 - All remote clients crashing on startup

I am running roonserver on a mac mini. I have iPad, Mac/OSX/, Windows clients. All of them crash on startup since the last upgrade. I use a Qnap NAS for storage. Roonserver is active and if I look at the roonserver logs the clients connect and then disconnect/crash. But given that all clients behave the same way it must be the server is not really working. I can send the system log if that will help.

It was running fine until the update. I need some help.

Hello @Paul_Skillen,

Sorry for troubles. Yes, Roon logs can help us to find and fix the issue. I’ll contact you via PM in while. Stand by.

I appreciate the fast response. I have uploaded the log files as you asked. Hopefully they are helpful.

Hello @Paul_Skillen,

Thanks for logs and sorry for inconvenience. It will take some time to analyze them.
In the meanwhile can you please describe your last actions in Roon (if you still remember them) before clients started to crash.

Thank you for patience.

Yes, I had a message on the client (Surface pro) that said there was an update. So I clicked the update all and then it did it’s usual update process. That was the last time it worked. I was listening to it up until that point. I think I did the update around the end of Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for the help.

I’m also getting crashes with this latest build. Probably every day or coming back to Roon I have a screen with “Roon has stopped working” and a close button. It has also started dropping the ID41 randomly again, which was pretty stable for the last few weeks. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @cmr600@vova or I will get you some instructions for sending us logs, and you can dump us some information the next time that happens, so we can have a look.

First, can you let us know a bit about your system?

sure thing.

QNAP TS-871 into Lenovo A740 All-in-One Desktop PC, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB + 8GB SSHD, 27" QHD Touch Screen, into a Meridian 861v8 with ID41, into DSP8000SE’s. In between are Devolo DLAN1200 poweline running an average of 845MBps.