Build 102 Failing to start "side by side configuration is incorrect"

I installed 102 tonight and when I tried to open roon am getting the message:

I’m not sure where to go next with things short of uninstall and re-install which would lose my library.

Hey @David_Speed – can you tell me a bit more about your setup?

Let me know a few more details and we’ll make sure we get this working for you.

Hi Mike - running windows 10 on a dell laptop. Use mostly tidal - no problem streaming tidal. Should be no downstream issues as just running to my headphones for now.

Ok, thanks @David_Speed – I’m going to look into this. Stand by.

@David_Speed ‘side by side configuration’ errors on windows machines are most likely caused by C++ runtime dlls or redistributables or in some cases corrupt system files Did you install any other application/driver prior to installing new version of Roon? or did you PC restart due to a windows update?

the PC did restart - thought this was part of the build 102 download but thought it was strange. Not sure if there was a windows update that caused this.

You may see if you have a restore point available prior to Roon install and roolback. Also check to see if you had any recent updates ‘Program and features -> view installed updates’

I ended up renaming my roon folder and then reloading the program. It would not re-install as 64 bit so ended up getting things to work using 32 bit…no idea why. All my music was still there. Clearly some sort of compatibility problem with something else on my computer but music is playing for now.