Build 216: Playlist shuffle now always starting with same first track

After updating to Build 216, playing a playlist with shuffle enabled now always starts with the same first track, the top track in the playlist, and shuffle only begins after that. Previously the first track played was always shuffled as well. (For me this applies to playlists created in a watched iTunes folder and in Tidal; I cannot speak to playlists created directly in Roon, which I haven’t done.)

Running Roon Core on late 2014 Mac Mini 3 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 -> microRendu.

Yup, this is related to the change we made here.

We’ll take a look – thanks for the report.

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Yes, thank you Mike. I’m glad you introduced this as it’s much more logical and convenient to allow starting a shuffle at the first selected song. This way one can always hear a song they want in a playlist, then mix it up after. Otherwise shuffle would have to be disabled, the song selected for play, then shuffle re-enabled. Similarly, now if anyone doesn’t want to listen to the first track selected anymore they can just click forward and shuffle begins.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the tip. I guess for my personal listening habits, I much prefer to have Roon always randomly select the first song in a playlist, whenever I choose the playlist – it’s the element of surprise that to this listener makes shuffle so enjoyable. I would hope that feature could be reinstated, as well as having the new option of choosing the first song and then having the rest shuffle for users who prefer that option, the value of which I can certainly also see. For now I’ll work on trying that out.

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Hello Mike, I’m just wondering if Roon is ever going to offer again the ability to have a playlist in shuffle mode randomly select the first track. If not this feels like a sad loss to this user. After weeks of living in the new world of Roon always selecting the same track at the top of my playlist over and over every time I start a shuffled playlist, or requiring me to manually choose a different first track to start the shuffle, I grow increasingly frustrated with this mode, including for the reason that when I manually choose a different first track farther down the list, all the tracks above that one seem to then be excluded from the subsequent shuffle. I know that many users wanted the ability to choose the first song and have it shuffle after that, but is there not a way to also allow Roon to randomly choose the first track for those of us for whom the fun of shuffle is that we’re surprised by an unexpected track to kick things off, and don’t have to hear the same opening phrases of the first track over and over, which over time sort of ruins that track, too? I apologize if I’m missing something about how to interact with the new rules of Roon shuffle. Thanks!

Very grateful for the return of real playlist shuffle, and various related improvements, in Roon 1.4, fantastic!

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