Build 216: Update stuck in a connect and reconnect loop [resolved with bad DSD analysis identified]

@support My Core seems to be in a state of instability, the remotes are all connecting…doing the jelly fish for a min or so then I get the roon screen and no audio devices detected then the connection drops and repeats. I do see the spinning round icon in the top right…so its clearly trying to do something. Maybe ill leave it for a while…its a big library (150K+ tracks) 8.+TB so maybe its just bogged down?

I was I think editing an audio device perhaps when the core restarted from the update.

I’m guessing I need to go find a backup database set and move that over

This has been a working system for months…remote is running on a MAC, but iph remote does the same thing but it gives an error loading page instead of the overview screen. Core is Win10Pro i5-6500

hard to capture the screen with such a shot flash of it before the disconnection happens and the loop starts again…but I managed to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Update… seems if I do an about the version of the remote is still updating…so I deleted it, and downloaded a new copy but the download version is still the old 209 release so now its updating again…lets see how that goes

OK well thats back to where I was before but all the versions are updated to current but its still looping and showing the above screen when it flashes up before disconnecting and looping thru again.

Ok so how do I restore a backup as I am not able to start roon with a login screen as per the KB instructions…at least I have a back up :smiley:


OK well I have taken some time to look around and renamed all the roon* folders in %localappdata% and run roon (not roon server) and started a restore after several attempts to get the right folder and its running now. %20 done so far in a about 2 mins.

Backup set was 5AM this morning so about 5 hours before all this mess happened. Fingers X this solves it all…and the headless Roon Server will just pick up where the full core with GUI left it.

Some notes while I think about it for the KB

How to determine/signs you might have a corrupt database
How to recover from a corrupt database…moving/renaming folders etc
Differences between a headless recovery - (if its even possible) and the GUI version.
When not to go making changes to settings…ie when core or clients are updating :frowning:
Why the Audio settings are not restored and active…all need enabling again.
Why the backups location and frequency are not restored

well that wasn’t so hard once I got to the restore option…all good

I have music again… oh well I did…

now I have quit the GUI and run up the server its starting from scratch again…I guess I need to somehow move the database from the Roon to RoonSever again…or maybe its got them all again as its stopped importing rather more quickly than usual

All my audio zones are now disabled…

:notes: is playing again :smiley: …but my :coffee: is cold :cry:

Seems like its only added the Tidal albums…so while I have music its not from my rips…just my tidal added to library items.

Now I have to import/restore the database again from the remote interface I guess…seems like some work to do in the KB for restoring a server based setup for sure. Lets hope that works…at least the tidal stuff still seems to be playing through the database restore so far so I have music for a bit longer.

better go finish watering the plants.

Ok well I think this might be a bug…

I went into the DSP setting I think it was and set the max DSD to 256 which my Oppo HA-1 supports but was RED in the device settings…the remote disconnected and back into the loop of connect, flash up a window and disconnect again looping

Restoring the database a second time…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I have a copy of the old folders again so if @support needs them or logs drop me a message and ill try to upload…I don’t use dropbox :stuck_out_tongue:

One good thing can be said…backups and restores work with some understanding…
But a restore doesn’t remember the backup settings - so be aware when you restore to setup your backups again

Hello @wizardofoz,

Just to avoid misunderstanding can you please describe what kind of problem do you have at the moment ? Can you also describe your setup for clarity ?


RoonServer - Win10Pro i5-6500 16GB SSD256GB all clients on LAN and updated to 216 or latest for bridge etc

system goes into a loop where it disconnects and reconnects then disconnects after a few seconds. was playing music stream from tidal when it happened…

its done it 3 times now all after the 216 update…before that no issues whatsoever.

playing via a macmini 10.12.3 using latest bridge via USB to OPPO HA-1 DSD126 upsampled from Tidal … album Rag and Bone Man album Only Human

Where and what logs can I send…I don’t have dropbox


Do I understand this correctly - your Remote clients are losing connection with the core every few seconds ? As a result you see such screen?

Yes even if I use the Roon client on the CORE machine its continually connecting flashing up a page and disconnecting again in a constant loop

Ive done 3 database restores after renaming the old database folders .000 .001 etc and the problem keeps repeating even on a clean restore of a pre 216 build database

Can you give me a location to upload the LOG zips to please

Contacted you via PM.

Thanks @vova for the help to identify the issue - a bad analysis of a DSD512 track - need to see exactly how you found that as the cause but good to know it was an easy fix…now to get that file to you for some inhouse testing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, immediately after yesterday’s automatic update to Build 216, the connection is not working between my two remote Windows 10 Lenove laptop remotes and the QNAP TVS-882 i5 16GB server that hosts the core. Everything was working fine prior to the update. Now when I launch Roon on the laptop, the Roon screen with the daily quotation launches correctly but then the GUI goes into a continuous toggle between trying to connect and disconnecting. If I try to select a core, I get this message:

Linux 3.19.8/
Version 1.3 (build 216 stable
(green dot) Ready

If I wait on that screen, the green dot cycle repeated from failure to ready…

Windows firewall is disabled. I have rebooted the QNAP and remotes PCs several times to no avail.



Hi @David_Garretson ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

Can you verify if you have tried reinstalling the remote application on theWindows 10 Lenovo laptops yet since noticing this issue?


Hello Eric,

Yes, I eventually re-loaded remote software to one of the Windows 10 laptops. The problem remains.

Hi @David_Garretson — Thank you for verifying that information for me.

Just to make sure I am understanding this behavior you are experiencing correctly. Roon appears to be getting stuck in a “connecting” then “disconnecting” loop every few seconds and as a result you are seeing the following, correct?