Build 354 - Displays Feedback

SOLVED - patience. Begins updating at start of next song. Once you turn on the display is it static or should it advance as the song plays. I have tried on several browsers and Shield and it remains static once activated.

Do you have any plans to bring this feature to Apple TV?

Works for Mac but is unstable on iPad. Appears but returning to the Settings…Display screen and the iPad listing suddenly disappears and the browser goes back to simply displaying Roon logo.

is the graphical “sound wave” display accurate?

It seems to be slightly different to the one in Roon


The version in the web display is very approximate, for performance reasons.

When I hear “10 foot” experience, I think about a PC app that can be controlled from the couch with a handheld remote. Is this anywhere in the cards?

Checkout the latest RoPieee release with support for the OSMC remote… Only pause/play skip fwd/bwd for now but knowing @spockfish (Harry) maybe Volume will come soon too.

Thanks for the cool new UX features. Good job… keep em coming! :slight_smile:

Works perfectly on my Mac Chrome browser. I will be buying a Chromecast to try on my TV.

Am I right in assuming that in future releases there will be options to set the screen to display other attributes such as Allmusic editorials or Artist profiles?

I like this new display feature :sunglasses:

One question:
Is it possible to add a ‘fullscreen button’? I use the display feature on my Galaxy View Tab, e.g. with Chrome browser. I tried different browsers, either they do not work or they do not offer any fullcreen mode. Chrome always shows tabs at the top of the screen. But if you browse to youtube for example, there is a possibility to make a video fullcreen, so the browser seems to be able to display content as fullscreen. So I thought the roon display could also offer a fullscreen mode. Is this possible?
Or, does anybody know an android browser with fullscreen mode?


I love the new display feature… I’m enjoying Roon now on my ROCK system, with CC Ultra as a display:


Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I´m using the Android App called Tasker+AutoTools (Web Display event) to have Roon Web Display in total full Screen. Configuring it is not 100% easy, takes some minutes, but once done, it works perfectly (and is beautiful).

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Thanks for the hint, I will try that!

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It might relate to the capabilities of your browser platform / version

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Thx for Display feature, working great on Shield TV

No useful feedback - just a note to say that I like the display feature. Makes any browser enabled device useful again. Also means you can have a display on a remote or core while still actually having the controls available in the main Roon screen. Great for multi-monitors and the like!

Not to beat a dead horse, but definitely glad to see the Roon team still working on UI upgrades. That’s the fun stuff for me…


The Displays feature is very promising as most homes now have Ultra HD 4k plus screens so a very timely introduction. I look forward to displaying cover art and more with future releases. For now though, the opportunity to display track lyrics is most welcome.
Before I buy Chromecast Ultra I thought I would use the embedded Firefox browser that is standard with my 12 month old Panasonic TV.

However, despite following instructions, Roon doesn’t see the device (although the TV Firefox browser shows a Room screen) and yet for all other compatible PC and Mac devices (Chrome and Safari) on my network there isn’t a problem.

Any ideas?

My feedback:

  • great family friendly feature!
  • please update translation database so that we can translate the new screens
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@kursaal Thanks again, it works! :sunglasses:

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