Build 354 - Displays Feedback

Roon 1.5 (Build 354) introduced the Displays feature. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this new feature!

You can learn more about the Build 354 update here:

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Yes, Displays section is now available. I can’t spot any difference for the (scrolling) lyrics as @Christopher_Ose already mentioned.

Have you activated them in ‘Settings’? I have set mine to off.
It also takes a few seconds for them to appear.

Hey @BlackJack,

The Real-Time Lyrics feature is only available for Display Zones — You will not see this inside the Roon application.


No sorry. I hadn’t realized that they should only work on these new Displays.
Mea culpa.

Thank you too @dylan for the clarification.

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That’s okay @BlackJack. You can always get yourself a Chrome Cast and enjoy them. :+1:t2:

@BlackJack & @Henri,

Besides Chromecast, you can also view them by using a web browser as a display zone. You can check out our KB article on this for more info!


I was able to show them on same iPhone that had remote but not that great on small size. Better on iPad and then send to Apple TV.

It would be really nice if this feature could be activated within the app itself.

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We are planning that for a future release.


That’s great.

I found mirroring to Apple TV from iMac looks much better. Fills screen and can get rid of menu bar at top.

@dylan – I just upgraded to 1.5 (buld 354) but I do not have a display tab in settings that is referred to in the release notes. I have rebooted both my nucleus+ and my mac that I’m testing on. Is there something I should have to do to turn this on?

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Hey @Craig_Palmer,

There was an issue right when the update was first available but this should be resolved now. I would try another reboot of both since it’s been resolved.

If it’s still not working, can you confirm that both the remote and the Core was updated? You can find this by going to Settings > About.


That fixed it @dylan. Thx.

So I should not be able to see scrolling lyrics on my iPad using the latest Roon client controlling my Roon Core?

@Speed_Racer - That is correct, the real-time lyrics function has not yet been implemented in the Roon client. Currently, if you’d like to see real-time lyrics on your iPad, you can load the Web Display URL using Safari on your iPad and use a separate Roon remote to connect the Display Zone.


I can’t get the web display to work. All I get is this in the browser:

I figured it out. You have to click on the speaker icon and then click on the screen icon.

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I hope you’ll add this to the clients aswell. It would be a good enhancement for the fullscreen player (or how you name it).

Edit: Well, the display has the shortcoming, that I can’t control Roon and have to switch the app.

It would also be great if I could filter/fokus all tracks with real-time lyrics.

Not sure if this is also part of that issue but the artwork (lower left) sometimes covers the words that are scrolling.

Such an awesome feature! Great job Roon…you never cease to amaze me. :blush:

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