Roon "Display" not updating screen when going from Real-Time Lyrics to Internet Radio

My Chromecast Ultra has just arrived and works perfectly. Thanks for that nice feature! :+1:

@support: By playing with my new device and this feature I discovered that the background image/lyrics don’t get updated when you switch to a radio station in the middle of a song.

  1. Start playing a song from your library (optional with Real Time Lyrics)
  2. Switch to a radio station
  3. The lower part of the screen (the now playing section) gets properly updated to reflect the changed source, but the upper half (background image / Real Time Lyrics) doesn’t change. If you played a song with Real Time Lyrics, even the lyrics keep scrolling.

Thanks for the feedback @BlackJack, I am going to pass along your report to our tech team to see if they can reproduce this same behavior.

Just to make sure, this reproducible not matter what, correct? Meaning that if reboot all devices, including the Ultra this still continues to happen?


@eric yes it’s reproducible.

It actualy starts replaying the lyrics with the time-index from the newly started radio stream.
This probably happens because the radio feature doesn’t clear the queue.

If I click on clear all, it stops the lyrics (and also the radio stream actually), but even after restarting the radio, the background image from the song is still visible.

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@BlackJack ---- Just offer a quick update here.

I can confirm that myself and @dylan have seen similar behavior to what you’ve reported when switching from “Real-Time lyrics” to internet radio while using the Roon “Display” feature. I have submitted my findings to our tech team who will continue to test/evaluate. Once my report has been updated I will be sure to touch base again asap. Your patience during this process is appreciated!


Hi @support ,

Having turned on Internet Radio in Roon the Display feature continued to show the lyrics to the last played song :

I toggled Display off and on again however it didn’t fix the issue.

I am displaying via my NUC connected to my TV screen

Please advise if this is a known error.


Thank you for reporting this. It’s a known issue discussed here:

Hey @BlackJack,

We released Build 360 of Roon which includes a fix for Displays not updating when switching to Internet Radio. Please download the update and let us know if you have any issues. You can read more about the update here:

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Hi Dylan,

I would say, Build 360 fixed this. I intentionally don’t mark this as solved right now, so others may report their findings. Feel free to close this issue at anytime you wish.

Thanks, great job!

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