Build 354 features and likely previous ones

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A question in general. Since not that long with roon, I did read the latest build release notes, and for example the radio ban one is at least one I rate senseful (I recently asked Brian if there’s a way to prevent having live versions coming up in radio mode). And he said something like ‘nope, not yet’.
I think this now lets me to this by simply tag all these to be banned. :slight_smile:

But will such release note info make it automatically into the KB? since if not I should perhaps spent some time reading older release notes? Since if such essentials are only mentioned there, I might be able to dig some pearls I missed and where KB was short with info?

Thanks for reaching out, @StefanB — We appreciate the feedback!

With each new release we try to update our Knowledge Base and document new functionality, but if you ever see anything that was missed, or could use an update, please let us know and we will make sure it’s addressed!

We just updated the Roon Radio article to reflect the recent additiona of Radio Ban Tag support.


great … saves me from digging old release infos then. Which I would have disliked not only because of the time I would have to spent, but also since there’s likely informations which have been reverted,

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