Build 571 / asks to unauthorize core?

Core Machine (Qnap/ Core version 1.7/ build 571)

Just updated all my remotes and the core to build 571. now I can not connect to my core. the core its shown at splash screen on remotes (iPad or Mac (Catalina)). selecting connect prompts me to login to my roon account (strang - as this was never the case after an update) and then bluntly asks me to de-authorize my established core.

I tried as per earlier debugging advise for version 1.7 to restart the machine the core is running on. restarted the roon software on my remotes. no change

This is definitely disappointing and feels like beta-testing. Please advise how I can get my system back to working conditions


found this

it works / I was just reluctant to press a button with such a negative message “unauthorize!”

still confused how unauthorize is used to refresh/renew/update authorization. maybe the folks designing the gui should check the communication with the users in this case.

I am facing exactly the same behaviors. My Core installation is reported as available and ready when i try to connect :frowning:

are you sure that you are still using your QNAP server? or did roon install on your remote device?

Yes it is still using the local library. Apparently the button unauthorize starts the authorization process. It just takes a spin or two and you are up and running. But I did not feel confident to go this route unless there was the posting in this community …

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Hi everyone,

Apologies for the trouble here. Choosing the unauthorize option will get things working for you. You can read more about this here:

I have the identical issue!

Do the identical recommended action as listed above.

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