Upgraded to 571 and now can't log in [Resolved - Might need to reauthorize for QNAP Core machines]

I just updated to 571 and now I cannot log in. I get the following message:

How do I resolve this? Why is this happening. This is the first time an update broke anything for me. How is this possible?

Okay this is stupid. I hit the button that says unauthorized and now everything works for me. WTF!?!

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Hi @John_Aiello,

This release included some changes to our device authorization process. For most, this shouldn’t result in any change, but there is a chance that you may need to re-authorize your device if you’re using a QNAP Core.

If you see this message please choose the Unauthorize option and things should work for you.

Apologies for the trouble!

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Yeah, this wasn’t the usual slick update process. I had the same thing go on.

I did a pointless reboot, a pointless password reset and eventually hit the unauthorise button as above.

Then I had to log back in to Tidal (again).

I’m not sure I like the new overview screen either :smiley:

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I had the same issue, de authorise led to it working. I had no other option so I didn’t take long to try it. I never had to re login before. All good though.


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This was not in the release notes. Why publish release notes if you are not going to include something like this? I see lots of posts from very experienced users that encountered the exact same issue as me. A product this mature should not suffer from issues like that at upgrade, in my opinion.


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I was in the same dilemma with my music on QNAP server. I couldn’t connect to my Roon server and I was asked to disconnected from it (and maybe loosing all my data)
The solution - click on Unauthorize is absolutly idiotic. Good news is that it isn’t necessary to unauthorise on every roon clients and devices…

But it was the last and most horrible experience with roon today. At first I lost some information on Overview page and didn’t get access to the new feature.
Then I lost level histogram (for local music) in the Player screen/window.

It seems that roon is working after Unauthorisation

Be more carefull next time, please Eduard

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