Build 88 - Keeps crashing after about 1 minute (when Tidal is enabled)

My roon was working good until the update. Roon keeps crashing after about 1 minute. This happens if I am using my computer to play or my squeezebox.

Hey @joe_viola - let’s get some logs and see if we can get a sense of what’s going on here.

I’ll be in touch via PM, stand by.

Logs sent.

Same thing happening to me on my Mac. After about 1 minute Roon keeps crashing since the update

well at least it not just me…thanks

Try disabling Tidal. If I do that it stops crashing. But no Tidal. Sucks.

Yep, disabling Tidal stops the crashing.

I will send my logs also.

Ever since new update Roon is crashing every time after about a minute, But only if I am signed in to Tidal. Also when signed into Tidal I get the spinning icon that saying synching but it never stops. If I do not sign in my Tidal info Roon is stable. There is one Tidal album that I can’t delete. When I try to delete it It says no file found. Could that be the problem?

The same here (OSX), Tidal keeps syncing, it never stops. No crash, however!

Just my luck. I won’t subscribe if I can’t use tidal. Too bad cause I love Roon. Except for crashing.

Hi Joe,
There’s lots of user running Roon and Tidal on OSX without this issue so don’t despair, whatever is causing the problem can be fixed.

I’ll put a flag on here so that @Mike picks it up … I suspect he will want to get some logs from you.
In the meantime can you provide some details of your setup as described here.

I have sent in so many logs. I was told they could try to fix it remotely. But no one has gotten back to me with a time to do so. There is at least one person with the same problem. Hopefully this can be fixed. I want to give Roon my money if it only worked.
Eric Campbell in another post has same problem.

Same issue here this morning…I can play my cd library through Roon but tidal streaming breaks up. If I stream tidal without Roon engaged there are no dropouts. I have had Roon for about three months and this is the first issue I have had with it.

I clicked on bug fix and the issue here is resolved. Thanks.

Hi again Joe,

Sorry I missed you had already started another topic for this … I’m going to merge them together so that all the history is in on place.

If you’ve sent in logs then the Roon developers will be looking at this, and trust me, they will get back to you as soon as then have a solution.

My Tidal is stuck on “syncing library now” before Roon crashes, and I also had a bunch of Tidal albums that I could not delete and thought that might be the problem. I eventually was able to delete them using the Tidal app for Mac – unfortunately Roon is still crashing. I also tried deleting the Tidal cache files in Roon – but that didn’t make a difference either. Hope there will be a fix for this.

There was no fix for mine. I had to create a new tidal account. That sucked but it worked, no crashing…

My HQ/Roon system was going so well, running Tidal flawlessly…till this afternoon when I deleted a bunch of unwanted Tidal albums Roon thought I’d like ( Madonna!) and Voila… crashes after a minute.
Systems sends a lengthy report to Apple and I’m certain their guys are studying the crash causes as we speak ! lol
Any help would be appreciated.

Back to A+, which still sounds wonderful.


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As the other people on this thread, Tidal is trying to synch constantly… so I disabled it and Roon is no longer crashing.

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I’m having the same issue, Roon server on dedicated Windows 7 box crashes when I add Tidal selections. When in between Roon trying to restart, I am able to log out of Tidal, Roon loads and works. As soon as I log into Tidal, Roon crashes. It can take hours for it to work. All started with the most current version (64 bit) on Windows.

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