Callisto 2C Speakers - Uncertified Roon Ready devices announcement

I bought Hifi Loudspeakers (Callisto 2C) from Dali for more than 4.000 US$ last week. I learned, Roon stopped support, because of incompleted certification. Dali told me, they like to get the certification but Roon denied because of missing volume control in the sound hub. This is the original answer of Dali:

Roon certification for the NPM-1 module was applied for several times by DALI, but Roon did not grant certification. The reason given by Roon is the volume control of the Sound Hub. We tried everything to get the certification, but unfortunately without success.

I´m not interesed in central volume control by Roon. Why don´t you support NPM-1 ?

I know, the Callisto 2C works with elder version of Roon. Please provide a link to the older version (1.6?) , because I want to use Roon in the future, even if I miss new functions. Otherwise I will loose a lot of money giving back my loudspeakers.

Hi Thomas,

I manage the partner programs at Roon and am the point of contact for the leadership, development, and marketing teams at our partner companies.

The Callisto working previously working with Roon is not a function of versions. It is a function of our decision, outlined in this post, to no longer allow partners to ship uncertfied Roon Ready devices.

In the case of Dali, the support reply is not accurate.

There are multiple issues that need to be resolved in order to meet the same requirements that every other Roon Ready device meets.

They have known about these issues for over two years and have elected not to resolve them.

Some of the issues related to limitations of the plumbing in the BluOS card that they use, some were simply resistances on their part to meeting the requirements.

With the major BluOS overhaul this past summer, some limitations have been lifted.

It appears there may be some change in their desire to work through the issues, but we have not seen any new firmware from them.

I’m sorry to hear that they have sold it as Roon Ready when it is not. They did not have the right to do that and they know it.

This can be resolved, but they need to decide to do so and meet the requirements that every other Roon Ready device has met. Feel free to refer them to this post and to ask them to contact to move the process forward.


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Any update on this please?

I have ordered some Dali Oberon 1C speakers along with the sound hub and would like to add the latest Blu OS card, but not sure if it’s worth it if notrecognised by Roon.

Will it show as an airplay device? will I be able to play music at all controlled by roon?

The module is now called the NPM-2i and seems very like the modules NAD uses…

Anyone? Would like to know please :slight_smile: