Cambridge CXA61 amp and Rock possible?

I’m currently researching a new amp and pretty sure I’m going to buy the cambridge cxa61 but was wondering if I could then connect via USB b on the cxa61 straight from the USB of the nuc/rock.
The specs show that it is compatible with Linux but wanted to be 100% sure beforehand.
Does anyone else have this setup?.
Thanks in advance.

I always call the company and talk to tech support as a pre-sales call, and ask about stuff like this. It can be “compatible” with Linux and still not be able to do native DSD, for example. So, I always ask the specifics of the tech guys, not the sales guys.

Beware, the CXN V2 andV1 had an issue with Linux, they only supported USB class 1 ie 24/96 not class 2 24/192

This is a new device they may have fixed it but worth the question as Daníel suggests

There is a whole thread on it


I have a CXA81, and have an Allo USBridge running DietPi connected to it. I can run the amp in USB Class 2, so sample rates >96kHz are supported, as is DSD (using DoP). I’m guessing the CXA61 should work as well.

BTW: Their CXNv2 streamer just got RAAT support yesterday as well. It’s in their “Early updates” channel, so still a bit bèta perhaps. It has been running without issue for a few hours here.


Thats good to know, I wondered if they had fixed it, I reported it to CA support A while back

I updated the StreamMagic app but my CXN is v1 so I suspect no RAAT for me

CA are a bit slow on their release notes normally

Here are the release notes already. So no need anymore to turn on “Early updates” I assume.

Thanks, it wasn’t there yesterday

Thanks for the replies, I’ll give it a try soon and report back, cheers

how do you find the CXA81 is it worth the money also is the headphone section of good quality?
im looking at this amp to connect my nuc rock to the 81 usb