Can I get Roon display when endpoint and display device are both connected to HDMI on AVR?

My Roon endpoint (which is a Windows 10 PC) is connected to My Denon receiver via HDMI. I also have an Nvidia Shield connected to this receiver which outputs to an LCD projector. Is there some other way I can set this up so that I can both output Roon’s audio through the Denon and also get the Roon now playing display through the Shield?

Hello @Edward_Lee,

Just to make sure I understand you correctly here, you want to use your W10 PC as the output for your receiver. Are you not able to feed your W10 HDMI input to the receiver and then use the HDMI output from the receiver to feed it into the Projector? This would solve the issue in my opinion.

If you’re set on using the Nvidia Shield, does setting it up as a Web Display not work as expected? You’ll probably want to install the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox on the tablet and give that a try.


Most of the Denon AVR models have fairly extensive options available in terms of input assignment features. Which model AVR are you using? I’ve had 3 Denon and 1 Marantz over the years and may be able to help.

You may not be able to accomplish your goals in terms of mapping the audio from one HDMI source and video of another HDMI source. Even if you did, would that suit your non-Roon use of the NVIDIA? Honestly, I dont know that device, so it may not be a valid question. However, I am assuming you may want to use the device for other applications such as streaming movies/media.

What other types of output are available from the PC that might be somewhat desirable? Optical? SPDIF?

Let us know more details if you can and we will try to help out.

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I’ll let you know what I did with my equipment, which may spawn some ideas. My Rock (Nuc) is connected to a DENON via HDMI - let’s say using the “Media Player” source. In that scenario, the TV will display the CLI of the Rock - which is not desired in my case during music playback.

My TV supports Chromecast, so I stream the now playing screen to the TV directly. Since the Denon supports “TV Audio” and the TV is connected via HDMI w/ eARC capabilities - the Chromecast session will attempt to grab the audio - which is silent. Using the “Hide Source” feature on the DENON for the “TV Audio” source - I am able to see the “Now Playing” screen flawlessly while enjoying the audio from the “Media Player” (Rock) source. The TV audio is “blocked” from taking over as a source and I can still power off my AMP by telling Alexa to Power off the TV or vice versa.

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I had this exact problem with an endpoint and an nVidia Shield connected to my Sony receiver. In my opinion it’s a shortcoming of the receiver, not Roon. If the receiver could when desired show the video from one input while playing the audio from a different input it could do what you want but most can’t. Note that Roon can do this but for it to work as desired the receiver also has to do its part.

My solution was to connect a Chromecast Ultra directly to my 4K TV and send the audio to my receiver and switch inputs on my TV to show the Roon display on the Chromecast Ultra. Note that you can do it with a regular Chromecast but since I have a 4K TV I got the 4K capable Chromecast Ultra.

Please note if you are willing to accept lower quality audio ( whatever that might mean to you in your system ) you can stream from Roon directly to an nVidia Shield, Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra and get both audio and video. I believe the audio will be limited to 48 kHz at either 16 or possibly 24 bits.


Wow, lots to chew on. Thanks everyone! A few follow up bits of info and additional questions…

I don’t think web display is an option as I’m pretty sure the Shield does not have a built-in browser.

Connecting the PC to the AVR via optical is not an option because a huge chunk of my music library are hi-res, 5.1 files.

Yes, I do use the Shield for streaming other content.

From everything I’ve read about the Denon, it can’t support audio from one input and video from a different input simultaneously.

@anon97951896 , following your path, I could connect a Chromecast directly to my projector. A little hassle to setup, but doable. The bigger drawback I see is needing to switch sources on the projector back and forth. I suspect that will frustrate the family.

Streaming from Roon directly to the nVidia Shield is another option that hadn’t crossed my mind. Do you happen to know whether the Shield will handle 5.1 files without butchering them?

@David_Whittington, I’m trying to follow along with your idea about using TV Audio, but I’m not quite understanding. Could you share a bit more step-by-step about how you set this up?

Thanks again for all the advice everyone!!


Looks like your options are limited due to some of those pesky “f” words, “family” and “five point one”.

If you need 5.1 audio then I suspect you will have to use an HDMI input on your receiver. I doubt there is a receiver on the market that can play audio from one HDMI input and video from another HDMI input.

I don’t own any 5.1 music so I don’t know if the nVidia Shield will pass it through when used as a Chromecast endpoint. You should be able to test this in under a minute … go to Settings / Audio in Roon, find your nVidia Shield in the Chromecast list, enable it and give it a Zone name and then play some 5.1 music to that Zone.

If your family can’t master input switching on your projector then it would seem your only viable option would be to let them stream to the nVidia Shield even if all 5.1 music is down mixed to stereo. You could always hook a Chromecast to your projector for your own use.