Can I have two MACs running ROON not simultaneously


I have two MACs and can I just have one ROON account?

Can I use both MACs? I won’t be using ROON at the same time on the two MACs.

Or do I have to have one account for each MACs?

Thank you.

You need to make one the Roon Core and demote the other one to a remote. So only one can be an active Core at a time.

The Roon core Mac (the one with the music library) needs to be running Roon at the same time, on the same network as the second Mac. the second Mac will have full Roon functionality. The second Roon machine “pulls” the music from the Roon core.

This is true when the audio stream is sent to a Private Zone on the Remote, but otherwise the Remote just sends control signals to the Core and the audio stream doesn’t go through the Remote.

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Yes you can. I do this, the two MACs are on different networks. If they’re on the same network then it makes little sense to do this, just run one as Core and the other as remote.

Yes, of course. I really need to stop replying to forum posts from my iPad. I get lazy with the typing and all. I should have added that the second Mac can not only pull the music from the core and play it locally but also it can control the output of the Roon core. Do I have that right? It works so well and now seems intuitive that I forget how confusing it was when I first installed Roon on my second device. Dizzying, literally.


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