Can I keep my ”ratings” and ”tags” if I change from Qobuz to Tidal?

I have tried to add Tidal to some of my albums (and remove Qobuz) but when I do that ”my ratings” and ”my tags” is gone. What I would like to do is to change all my FLAC from Qobuz to Tidal.

Is there a way to change this and keep the tags and and ”my ratings”?

Sadly, as far as I’m aware, there is no way to do this. I sincerely hope someone else can provide a solution because I will be looking to do this soon too.

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Nope they are held on the version of any album so you could rate one version higher than another if it was a better master I guess. No way to transfer them.

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I can’t answer your question but I would like to ask you why you change from Qobuz to Tidal. I’m thinking the opposite change.

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Unfortunately no. There are at least these two open related feature requests:

This would help with this and many similar issues

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I’ve been using Qobuz for almost a year and two major things that are dealbreakers occured:

  1. Library rot - Unlike a lot of other streaming services, whenever a label, artist or Qobuz make changes to an album they flag the previous copy as unavailable and create a new one.

There is no way to see this in roon and in Qobuz you can only see if this is occured by looking at your saved tracks.

If you don’t save tracks, you have to go one by one, into every album and check if they are unavailable. If you play an album that is unavailable in Roon via a queue (you’ve added the album to your queue, roon radio plays it or you are playing the tracks) it will just skip over it.

Luckily I do save tracks and scrolling through my library about 25% of my library suffered from this. I only have 5000+ tracks in Qobuz and replacing them one by one was not an option. God help you if you have a larger library.

The worst thing is, if you manage to replace them, you lose all of your edits and tags as they are tied to that dead copy. So you also have to replace that.

  1. Sync issues - These started a while back and happened three times. Qobuz albums / tracks weren’t pulling into Roon. If they were already in Roon they started to disappear. Roon investigated and found it was an issue with Qobuz, server side. The pushed them to sort it out and all was gravy. The second time Roon said its a qobuz issue and to contact them if it lasted a few days. Luckily it didn’t, they got it sorted.

This final time was different. It lasted a week and Qobuz support told me to reimport my library via soundiiz (i.e. export everything, delete it all in qobuz and reimport). I lose all my tags and edits.

When I used tidal I had neither of these issues. The only time I saw an album marked as unavailable in Tidal was where the label or artist removed it wholesale from the service and it was nowhere near 25%, it was a handful.

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Thank you all for replying me. I enjoy all your answers, even though I didn’t like the message, that it’s not possible :slight_smile: -)
The reason for asking my question was that I can’t at this time afford the whole year subscription for Qobuz, I still have my year subscription for Tidal. That’s why I was think if there was a way to forward my tags, stars etc to Tidal… but no.

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