Can Roon understand DISCTOTAL field

For Flac (vorbis comments) SongKong uses DISCNUMBER to store the disc number and DISCTOTAL to store the number of discs, and this is the same as other tools (such as MusicBrainz Picard) uses.

But I understand that Roon expects total discs to be stored as part of the DISCNUMBER field e.g ‘01/03’ rather than DISCNUMBER = 01, DISCTOTAL = 03. Could I request that Roon would look for DISCTOTAL if DISCNUMBER only uses xx format rather than xx/yy format ?

I think using two different fields rather than a harder to process single field (i.e how to you enter disc total without discno - 00/03 ?), but more importantly it is the defacto standard. Whilst I am happy to add Roon custom tags such as PERSONNEL to SongKong it is problematic to modify how an existing field such as DISCNUMBER is used since fixing it for Roon would break it for other applications.

Could this be considered please.

I hope roon can clarrify. My experience is that yes, roon uses both DISCNUMBER and DISCTOTAL. However, I often find that I have problems with box set grouping which go away when I use xx/yy in DISCNUMBER. It is common enough that I have an mp3tag macro just to put xx/yy in DISCNUMBER and now i just do that routinely as a pre-processing task before even attempting a roon box set import.

Every other tool I’ve ever used has expected these values to be in separate tags. All my library is internally tagged this way. If Roon doesn’t support that, they should add looking for DISCTOTAL and use it if it exists, simply because that’s what most of the rest of the world expects. Forcing your users to try modify their existing libraries to comply with your own interpretation is not very user friendly…