Can’t display Roon on Samsung TV

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC8i5BEH 8GB Linux Roon OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TPLink Archer c5v

Connected Audio Devices

Samsung Android TV , Chromecast and an Nvidea Shield TV box , iPad with Roon Remote

Number of Tracks in Library

20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

No display or just Roon logo show on TV as photo attached shown . Have key in the URL IP address on TV internet browser, both TV and Roon core are on the same gateway .

I only manage to use iPad Roon Remote then use Airplay to mirror screen to TV.

Please advise how to show display from internet TV browser . Thanks

For my Nvidia shield click on the volume control and then click on the display icon (this is on windows machine or my android phone).
Looks like this:
Then I just select “display now” for the shield from the list of displays:

No need to cast from phone or enter in any IP or use browser.
I also have a Samsung TV. It is using the HDMI from the Shield to display.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks, let me explore the Nvidia Shield menu, I don’t recall see such menu (only android OS menu), are your Shield TV Pro? Will check out later when get home. Thanks again

Any web browser will do.

Click copy link, and open link in web browser

You will not see this in Roon.

Click this button

Select Display Now for the web browser display.

I see you already got response to this :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Tor_Gunnar_Berland . I followed the Settings/Display, i.e. Roon IP address/display/ ( and using TV internet browser, unfortunately , it only shows ROON icon on my TV screen as my first post image.

I believe that this is a shortcoming of Samsung’s web browser in the TV. It’s been reported before:

I use a Chromecast dongle plugged into one of the HDMI inputs on our Samsung TV. Works perfectly.

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Hi Geoff, thanks for reply. I tried third-pary web browser installed in my Nvidia Shield TV Pro like Dolphin Web browser, entering the similar Roon Core IP address/display, it also shows ROON logo page without “Now Playing” artist page.

My Roon Core is installed in Intel NUC, having chromecast dongle plugged into Samsung TV is like screen mirror from my iPad Roon Remote? Problem when my iPad screen off after idle, likewise TV screen, that’s downside … unless i change a longer iPad screen time.

The Chromecast Ultra shows up as an independent device for both Audio and Displays in Roon. The Core will use it directly, no need to go via another device.

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Oh, too bad, I only have Chromecast Audio … without Display. Isn’t the Nvidia Shield TV Pro Chromecast plugin worka like Chromecast Ultra? I am still not back home, will explore later on Shield Menu as pointed by @bearFNF

Have you clicked “Display Now” on this display in Roon (see my last picture).

I am using iPad Roon Remote, there’s no “display now” as photo below

There’s Chrome on Android OS web display, yet no “display now”

Hi Geoff, I did check the Setting/Audio tab on left pane of Roon Remote and “enable” my Nvidia Shield TV Pro, then there’s Chromecast and IP address below it as photo below, but the display shown in TV is just ROON logo (the top of photo)

Er - you realise that displaying a zone is a two-step process?

After you’ve enabled the display device, the next step is to assign it to a Zone…

Click on your Zone to get the Zone settings:

Roon 1991

Then click on the display icon to choose the display device you want to assign to the Zone and click the Display Now link…

Roon 1992

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The menu/screen shots I showed were from Roon not the ShieldTV. I have a ShieldTV Pro (2017? so not the latest model, but should still work with newer ones or other models?).

The Roon volume control is in the lower right corner of the Roon window, clicking on it gets you the first screen shot I showed. Then clicking on the “display” icon get you to the second screen shot I showed.

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Thanks @Geoff_Coupe @Tor_Gunnar_Berland @bearFNF for your help, got it now on lower right volume (hidden gem)

Dreams come true


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