Can´t enable chromecast devices

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 on Notebook Acer Swift 5, i5-1135G7, 16 GB RAM, tried LAN and WLAN with this issue

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vodafone Station, some Chromecasts are connected via WiFi, one via LAN and some via PowerLan

Connected Audio Devices

4 Chromecast Audio (2 via WLAN, 1 LAN, 1 PowerLAN)
1 Chromecast 2nd Gen, (WLAN)
1 Chromecast Ultra (WLAN)
1 Google Home Mini (WLAN)
1 Raumfeld Connector, Chromecast Build-In (PowerLAN)

Number of Tracks in Library

11621 Tracks

Description of Issue

I am not able to enable the Chromecasts.
When going to “roon, Settings, Audio” every chromecast (except for the Raumfeld CC Build-In) is listed.
If I click on “Enable” of a Chromecast Audio => nothing happens
If I click on “Enable” of a HDMI Chromecast => the Roon app tries to start on the TV screen but circle keeps spinng endlessly
If I click on “Enable” of the Google Home Mini => a few seconds later a sound is heared

But nothing happens to the Enable Button and I´m not able to give the device a name.

So I´d love to use roon, but I´m not able to find other speakers than that of my notebook.
Maybe I should try it again in a few months and cancel my subscription.
There are 5 free days left to try out.

But maybe someone can help.

Have a nice evening,


I solved the problem.
On installation windows asks if roon should be allowed for public or private network.
The default is public and on first installation I changed it to private.

This was the mistake and I was not able to enable the chromecast devices (I have only those).

Uninstallation and a new installation was not succesful because Windows remembered this adjustment to private network.
So I changed the settings in the “windows defender firewall” menu concerning apps from privat to public and now everything works.

Also, I was not succesful to connect the android app to the windows roon core before this adjustment. Now this is also working.

So at the moment everything is working fine.

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