Can’t find Nucleus

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

Glad to hear the issue went away. If it re-occurs please do send a copy of your Roon logs as I previously noted, thanks!

Will do thanks!
Keep safe and stay healthy and Happy Easter!

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Hi Noris! Just wanted to let you know I am getting a different issue now (please refer to screenshot) - what does this mean? Perhaps an issue from Tidal’s side? I’ve been getting these error messages since last night so it starts playing a track then stops then this message pops up.

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

That message means that the audio buffers are not being filled up in time. I would try rebooting your Nucleus Core and Networking Gear to see if perhaps this is a temporary networking issue on your end.

If you have already rebooted, I would check to see if the same issue occurs on multiple audio zones or just one and try playing lower-quality TIDAL tracks to see if those work.

Since most of the population is at home for the time being, it is also possible that your ISP is overloaded with network congestion (if there are too many users using the available bandwidth in your area).

Ok thanks will try these.
Which one of these should I restart?

Top right red button.

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Got it thanks!


Hi Noris, same issue happening this morning (Tidal Syncing library…), find screenshot and a link to logs. We need to find a solution to this otherwise I am not sure if I’ll continue using Roon, right now I am listening to my Tidal playlists via the Lumin app. Hope to hear a resolution to this issue which I know is also impacting others in the Roon community, thanks.


2nd Update - the synchronization with Tidal is still in progress for the last 24 hours, this is such a bad user experience. Tidal app works perfectly so it must be something on your server end, can we fix this once and for all? Thanks.

I understand your frustration, but you arw not alone in this issue. It’s effecting none Nucleus users to. It happens to me regularly. Currently logging in and out of Tidal fixes it until it happens again. It only started happening recently and seems it coincide with a change to how Roon logs in to Tidal. Hopefully they get to the bottom of it quickly.

Glad to hear I am not the only one in this community… I don’t mind logging out and logging in of Tidal once, I can’t do this all the time so yeah let’s hope the technical support team finds a fix soon! In the meantime, I am listening to vinyl!

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Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

We’ve made a few improvements with regard to how TIDAL login works in our new build which was just released, can you please check to see if there has been any change in behavior on your end with regard to the TIDAL sync not completing?

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Awesome guys, thanks for getting this fixed! I recommend all Roon users to update to the latest software… Tidal/Roon seems to have stopped synchronizing, will let you know if this issue reoccurs. Thanks again!