Can’t install missing codecs

I’ve tried numerous times and can not get the missing codecs to stick. I’ve followed the instructions (I think!) to the letter and still I see the warning that they are missing. any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong?

Hello @Etk,

Can you send me a screenshot of your “Codecs” folder while connected over SMB from your remote computer? Just in case it wasn’t clear in the instructions, the only file that needs to be in that folder for Roon to function is the “ffmpeg” file.


Here’s the folder, for some reason the file seems to disappear from time to time but even when I replace it (I must have copied it across half a dozen times in total) the system shows missing codecs after a reboot.

What did you download and put there? I bet your ffmpeg file is corrupt in some way. maybe its for the wrong platform? maybe you didnt uncompress it properly?

I just used the link in the instructions. I’ve checked back and that site has been taken down now - the author moving on to patreon to look for donations to be able to reopen. Any suggestions of an alternative place to get it from?

@Etk Have a read of this guide all the links you need are in it.

@Ratbert is right… CA really stepped up here:

Perfect - that all seems to be working now :slight_smile: Thanks :+1:

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