Can we get an iOS update sooner then later?

This app crashes non stop. Can’t use roon anymore with out cursing.

Can you fix the app on the iPhone sooner then later?

It’s driving me bananas.


You might still have an issue after the update. I use Roon every day on IOS and it has NEVER crashed on me. An update might not fix the root case of your issue. You might be better off trying to figure out the why of this rather than cursing.

When I say iOS I mean iPhone.

We are a family of four roon crashes on every single iPhone.

I heard iPad runs welll but unfortunately we don’t have one, and not planning on buying on anytime soon.

I’m glad it works for you, but if you browse the forum I’m not alone the roon app is not stable on the majority of iPhone users.

It is stable as hell on my iPhone. I doubt that you can say majority.

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Doubt away.

I listen to roon from iphone XS, ipad and newipad.
No problems at all for me.

Maybe you could uninstall the app and install it again and see if it works?

If not, the problem will have to lie elsewhere… what kind of iphone do you have?

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I’ll just keep it to my iPhone but family has all types and same problem.

I have a nucleus version 2 running the core
iPhone 12 max pro latest update.

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled didn’t work.

I have closed all apps on my iPhone didn’t work.

This app crashes several times per song.

No other app does that.

but does it crash without doing anything or do you do anything in particular? I don’t know … choose a song, play it, turn up the volume?

You should be really detailed if you want to know if they can fix the software.

It’s not enough to say: it crashes.

I open the app

If I search for a song it might crash it might not

If I turn up or down the volume it might crash it might not.

If I’m not doing anything just enjoying the album art it might crash it might not.

It’s very sporadic. Sometimes it crashes several times per song, other times it crashes after a couple of songs.

Half of the time I use my iPhone I have to “race” to find a different song to play or do anything else in the 10-15 seconds before it inevitably crashes. Restarting my phone and reinstalling the app doesn’t fix it permanently. I don’t have this problem with my iPad or pc.

Trying to take a video using my iPhone but it says not authorized

I think I asked you this in another thread, but have you tried a cold restart on your iPhone?

Can you briefly explain a cold restart please.

@Gary_Foux try the following if a cold restart doesn’t work:

A complete fresh Roon re-install. To do a fresh re-install you want to make sure iCloud back up is turned off for Roon first. This is very important.

  1. Settings->Click on your name at the top->iCloud->Manage Storage->Backups->Choose the backup for your phone.
  2. Find Roon and toggle it off.
  3. Uninstall the roon app.
  4. Re-install the roon app.

This re-install method will make Roon on iOS start clean and require complete configuration from the beginning. If you don’t delete the iCloud backup re-installing Roon just uses the same possibly corrupt data files you had prior and were backed up to iCloud.

You can then turn backups back on for Roon if you want, following steps 1 and 2 above.

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I googled cold restart on iPhone 12

Press volume up
Press volume down
Press power, restart device.

So far so good on both mine and the wife’s iPhones👍

So I guess you didn’t need an IOS update after all.

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So far so good.

Let’s give it some time🙏

I need an update on my iPhone because I don’t want to scroll through all my albums. I don’t want to have to search. Where is the A-Z jumping functionality that is on the iPad?


I am having similar issues with apps since upgrading to Ios14.3, it’s very frustrating.
Apps that were working fine are now sporadically crashing or the gui display is not working.

This is one of the reasons I never do an update to my Iphone straight away. I disable the automatic updates and usually wait about a month as I think this gives them time to fix any issues

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