Cannot add artists to Qobuz favorites

How do I add artists to Qobuz favorites? When I add an artist to favorites in Roon UI, it is added neither to the list of artists in the Roon library browser, nor to Qobuz favorite artists. The latter is not fixed by re-syncing with Qobuz.

Detailed steps:

What happens:
Nothing actually happens, as if I haven’t had added the artist to favorites:

Expected behavior:
I would expect the artist to be added to both library browser and Qobuz favorites. If the former is not desired, adding the artist to just Qobuz favorites would suffice.

Flagging @support. Qobuz has been erratic with adding albums for me in the last few days as well.

Hi @Alexey_Agafonov,

Roon Favorites and Qobuz Favorites are a bit different, and so I wanted to clear things up here.

Roon Favorites, as described in the article you linked to above, are specific to Roon. It’s meant to be a way to easily find the items you mark as your favorite.

Qobuz favorites are a bit different. Tracks and albums you add to your Qobuz favorites are added to your Roon library. The reverse is also true — If you add a Qobuz album or track to your library in Roon, it will appear in your Qobuz favorites.

Artists are handled a bit different in Roon. When you add tracks and albums, the associated artists are added to your Roon library as well. However, you can’t just add specific artists to your Roon library — they’re always created from the tracks and albums that you have, so adding an Artist favorite in Qobuz doesn’t show this artist in your Roon library if you don’t have any associated tracks or albums. So in Roon, you can’t add artists to your Qobuz favorites.

Thanks Dylan! So the workaround is to add a track or an alum to the library? I’ve tried, and it worked for me.

There is still room for improvement. The current UI is confusing. When I see a button in the UI and click that button, I would expect something to happen. If nothing can be done, I would expect a warning. Right now, when I click the “Favorite or ban this artist”, it results in no action, and there is no warning about it.

Also, the integration with Qobuz feels incomplete because it is only implemented one way for artists. If Roon can show the list of Qobuz favorite artists, why not also allow to add artists to that list?

So I’d suggest the following changes:

  1. When I click the “Favorite or ban this artist” but there are no tracks or albums of this artist in my library, Roon should show a warning that the artist will not be added to any favorites (neiter Roon nor Qobuz/ Tidal), and suggest to add an album or track.
  2. In addition to or instead of [1], Roon could show a warning that this artist cannot be added to Roon favorites, and offer to add the artist to Qobuz favorites instead.

I believe different reasonable variations of the suggestions above are possible. The primary goal is to avoid confusing situation when clicking a button results in no action without warning. The secondary goal is to make the favorite artists management more versatile.

Hi @Alexey_Agafonov,

One thing to note is that Favoriting an artist should only be an option if the artist exists in your library. Once an artist is favorited in Roon you can then use that to filter the Artist Browser.

I’ll definitely be sure to pass this along to the team. I’d also like to recommend creating a post in the Feature Request section of the site about favoriting Qobuz artists in Roon. We appreciate the feedback!

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