Cannot Connect QNAP NAS to Nucleus+


I have a QNAP NAS on which I was running the Roon Core on a SSD. I bought the Nucleus + yesterday and am being unable to connect my NAS to it.
I have managed to connect other servers on the network, but the QNAP NAS throws up an error message
“Could not Connect to Share: Host not found”.
I can access the NAS through Mac Finder

Vikram Shahi

Hi Vicram,
A “Host not found” message can have various causes.

It could be an issue with your local dns (if you typed in the hostname of your QNAP).
If this is the case, you could check if the same message occurs, when you use the IP address instead of the hostname when entering the smb://... line.

Can you verify, the Nucleus and the QNAP are in the same IP range?
Can you also access the Nucleus from your Mac?

Hi Christopher,

I am being able to a access both the Nucleus and my NAD M50.2 server from the Mac. I’m having problems only with the NAS. BTW, as mentioned, I was having no issues accessing the NAS when the Roon core was on a SSD drive on the NAS. The problem has only started when I bought the Nucleus+.
Anyway, I am also getting QNAP to run diagnostics and check the NAS on the outside chance that there is an issue with the NAS networking.
I shall revert to you once I hear back from the support desk at QNAP.


Just to add, I mapped the NAD to the Nucleus and added the network shares without any problem.

Hi Vikram,
I have moved your topic to the support section, as I will be away for the next days.
Did you hear anything from the qnap support already?

Hello @Vikram_Shahi

I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to get in contact with QNAP support regarding this? Let me know what you found from them and I’ll be happy to help from there!


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Hi Dylan,

Yes, the QNAP has a corrupted DOM.
I have acquired a new QNAP NAS yesterday which I will set up today and map to Roon. Will let you know if I encounter any problem with the new NAS. Hopefully not. Fingers crossed!


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Hi Dylan,

Yes, the same issue persists even with the new NAS.

Maybe an obvious suggestion but have you tried smb://


I hereby certify myself as “DUMB”!
Thanks…connected now.

Well done glad you are up and running.

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