Cannot connect to new Nucleus

Brand new nucleus. My remote never sees the core. I connected the roon via HDMI to a monitor. It is definitely powered up (I see the boot screen) but it is not accessible from the Roon Remote. The remote never has found the Nucleus…

Hi Robert,

I’ve moved your topic to the support section of the forum.
In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Robert, assuming the Nucleus is on the same network as your remote, you might try a simple re-boot to see whether that helps.

Hi @Robert_Rayburn,

Please provide the rest of your setup info using @Greg’s link as a guide so we can better understand the setup. If you can also share a screenshot of the HDMI info that may be useful here.

Thanks for the help…I never could get the ethernet to work. I plugged the Nucleus into the google mesh router and it connected immediately. Plenty of bandwidth. I’m may retry the ethernet side of thing again, but I’m not in any rush…

Hi @Robert_Rayburn,

I don’t quite understand your previous message…

Plugging the Nucleus is to the router is via Ethernet. It sounds like the issue is fixed?

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