Cannot connect to Synology DS416 after ROCK reboot

@support I am having the exact same issue, did you find the solution for Mohammed and can you please investigate my issue? I’m running ROCK on Intel NUC and have a Synology DS416 that cannot be connected to when ROCK re-boots.

Thank you

Hello @Benjamin_Chia,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look here. Can you please let me know how you’re mounting your share via SMB? Are you using hostname or IP address? If you are using hostname, can you please try using IP address instead and possibly create a reserved IP address in your Router?

Also, is Windows File Service enabled and which version of SMB are you using? This thread provides some good settings to take a look at for Synology and our NAS troubleshooting guide also provides some great suggestions.

Please let me know the above information when possible and we can continue from there.


Hi @noris thanks for helping!
Mounting the SMB share via hostname so will switch to IP address. The IP address is reserved already.

Windows File Service is enabled with a “maximum” of SMB2 and “minimum” of SMB1. See attached screenshots for options. Do you think I should set “maximum” to SMB3 and minimum to “SMB1” or set minimum to “SMB2” or “SMB3”. Like if I set maximum to “SMB3” will Roon ask the NAS to use SMB3?

I always use IP address for mounting shares and I always use a fixed address (or reserved) so I can know things won’t move around.

Min smb1 and max smb3 is fine. I have rock and Synology like this for the longest time.

Hello @Benjamin_Chia,

As @wizardofoz mentioned, I would choose the minimum SMB version as SMBv1 and maximum SMB version as SMBv3. Please let me know how your experience is like after mounting by IP address instead of hostname.


This seems to have worked, thank you!!

Happy to hear that @Benjamin_Chia! Thanks again for contacting support!

– Noris