Cannot connect with remote (WHS 2011)

I got a new music server that runs Microsoft server 2011. I installed the regular Roon not the server version. I can access my server by Tean Viewer. The install went great and no issues playing music.
I put the app on my iPad but I was unable to find my server. I put in the IP address as well as the name but nothing. For a moment the app found it but it said that the connection failed.
I looked at the firewall settings but have no idea what I’m looking for. I did not see Roon in the inbound or outbound rules.
I also have the settings set for allow remote connections. I have the Sonore sonicorbitor SE because my streamer (Ayon S-5) is not Roon ready and has an Ethernet input. I run an optical cable from the SE to the Ayon.
What am I missing?
I used to run my music on a Mac Mini but I switched.



WHS 2011 is not on the supported list What are the minimum system/hardware requirements? That does not mean it won’t run, but it’s not supported “out of the box”. I know some people are running Roon on MS Server 2012 (also not supported) maybe one of those chaps might be able to help.

There are a few topics on WHS 2011 like this one Running RoonServer on a WHS 2011 System? that might shed more light.


I solved it. I removed the firewall block for my local network and the remote app found it and connected

@Jerry_Sobel - it’s probably not a good idea to remove the firewall completely for your local network, but to set up the inbound rules for the Roon applications instead. You’ll need four rules, which are documented here.