Cannot play FLAC 96kHz/24bit

Hi Everyone

I am using Marantz HD DAC1 with Roon and I cannot play FLAC files with 96kHz/24bit resolution… but 44.1kHz/16bit works fine.

Marantz specs mention DSD 5.6 MHz/1bit and PCM 192 kHz/24bit hi res audio compatibility but I really don’t know how Roon deliver hi res FLAC (PCM?).

I am little bit lost… would it be a Roon device settings or something about HD DAC1.

Any ideas?


Hi - what is outputting to the DAC and what DAC input are you using?

hi James

I am using mac mini through USB port and
fixed audio output connectors to the Integrated Amplifier (Cambridge Audio).

From HD DAC I receive an error message: Unsupported… And no sound.

I would check the bitrate settings in the Mac under Audio Midi Setup App (use spotlight to find it) and check its not able to see the DAC at higher than 16/44.1

It could be a limitation of the Marantz to work at hight rates without a Windows OS and specific Marantz Driver too.


In my understanding Roon changes bitrates automatically for every song bypassing MIDI setup with device settings.

That’s why I thought it could be Roon setup. I could not see differences between windows and Mac OS in Marantz user guide.

Moving this to #support in case anyone needs to get some more info

Hi @wagner_scatolin,

Are you able to use other apps to output 96KHz content to the DAC? I did notice that there are drivers available for Windows but no drivers for OSX, I too am wondering if this is a driver limitation for specific platforms.

What kind of USB drives are available for that DAC, is the behavior the same for both WASAPI and ASIO? Can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab? It should look something like this:

Hi Noris,

I don’t have another app… just iTunes. Could you suggest anything to test drivers possible issues?

I could not find WASAPI/ASIO settings for the DAC. I am newbie, sorry! – I think Mac uses CoreAudio, right?

It follows my audio screen configuration.

What does the Signal Path look like…please post a screen shot playing higher rates that don’t don’t work. You can click the small coloured icon to the right of the paying track details.

Are these tracks from your own rips or tidal? Is it all at that bit rate or just some? What about dsd or higher flac rates?

Hi @wagner_scatolin,

Yes, you are correct here, OSX uses CoreAudio and not WASAPI/ASIO. Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path as @wizardofoz suggested for both 44.1 and 96Khz content?

As for testing the drivers, you can use a few 96Khz tracks from the 2L test bench ( to see if they play as expected when using iTunes to output to the DAC. That will give us a good data point. Is there any difference in between trying to stream 96Khz via TIDAL vs local library 96Khz? Does one work but not the other?

Also, I’d like to take a look at the diagnostics when you try to play 96Khz content, can you please reproduce the issue in Roon and note the exact local time and date in your country of when you try to start playback (e.g. 12:13AM on 4/26/19).

– Noris

Wizardofoz, Noris

I begin this email in order to give you all the information requested. And I did it but when I tried to reproduce the error I’'ve got the other day I could’t because it worked!

I really don’t know what happened once I didn’t charge anything – DAC or Roon!

Anyway I would like to apologise and thank you guys for your time and kindness trying to help me on this matter.

Best Regards

I could play DSD 5.6MHz/1bit downloaded from Blue Coast Music. The signal path screen is attached below.

FLAC 48 kHz/24bit from Tidal

FLAC 96 kHz/24bit from Blue Coast Music

Hi @wagner_scatolin,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue is resolved.
I have marked this thread as [Solved] but if you have issues in the future don’t hesitate to reach out!

– Noris

In your first image the one playing DSD you are running barely enough processing speed (1.2 x) to maintain playback without issues

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