Cannot restore backup from Dropbox


I made a backup of my SonicTransporter i5 RoonServer using the new backup capabilities in Roon. Now I wanted to restore that backup on my Macbook Air 2011.

The restore always fails at around 6-7% (with a message saying I should check the backup location and try again). If I download the backup from the dropbox website to local drive first, and restore that backup from the local drive, it works just fine.

The log mentions this about the failed restore:

02/05 14:22:54 Error: [backup] failed to restore: getfile hash: DropboxDir:/RoonBackups/64eff2b8-5eac-33ac-55c0-92febbcdc68e/objects/95/4a/954a04824a9528feaf97281d01fdcedb98341bf802344afe584d8c5e92fd0faf: Result[Status=UnexpectedError, ErrorText=path/restricted_content/...]
02/05 14:22:54 Warn: [broker/backups] restore first half failed on FileBrowser.Entry: Dropbox : /RoonBackups: NotAvailable

Hi @Nepherte ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I wanted touch base and see if any new progress or observations have been made.

If you are still in the same state while trying to restore from a backup, may I kindly ask you to please send us over a set of your RoonServer logs after the failure via a Dropbox link which you can paste right here for me.


Ah the dangers of cut and paste :wink:


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Hi @Eric @support

Here’s the dropbox link you requested:

The restore happend over wifi but connection is quite good and stable (that and I was able to simply download the backup folder without any hickup).


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Thank you for the follow up @Nepherte , we’ll take a look and see what we come up with. If any new observations are made or any additional feedback can be shared please let us know.


@Eric Any thoughts on this? I can reproduce this 100% of the time (over various WIFI networks).

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