Cannot see or find my Nucleus on the Network

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin HUB 3 and Bitdefender Box (provides wifi and ethernet
Nucleus connected by ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Approx 800 CDs 20,000 tracks?

Description of Issue

My Nucleus arrived today. Installed software and connected and powered up the Nucleus. When asked to choose CORE on screen I chose “Nucleus”. System cannot find it, it remains on the “looking for your CORE” screen.

The nucleus is connected by ethernet using the cable that was plugged into my streamer, which was working only hours before. There are connection lights on back, one green flashing and a steady amber.

I tried using “FING” from my mobile, but to no avail. Probebly not sure what I was looking for, but nothing recognisable as “Nucleus”

My Set up is as follows;

Virgin HUB three
Bit defender BOX connected to HUB by ethernet
WD MyBook 1TB NAS drive connected to HUB by ethernet
Deco Mesh WiFi network connected to HUB by ethernet
I had a Project RS Stream Box connected by ethernet (which the Nucleus is replacing)
Samsung QLEDTV connected by ethernet
I am using and ethernet expansion box for some of the connections

I really need help, as I currently now do not have a digital music source. Please also be aware I in no way could be considered technical, so the less technical the better I’m afraid.

Thanks for any help you can give


HI Steve,

Fellow user here. If you plug a monitor onto the Nucleus, it should show you the IP it is getting. Then you can try pinging that IP directly.

Thanks Daniel. I will try that later today.

Thanks Daniel plugged in Monitor and gained IP address. So now on network. Just some other bugs to sort now.

Thanks again…Steve

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