Cannot use keyboard with Android client

I cannot use the keyboard to enter data in settings or search. When a text field is selected the android keyboard appears for a short moment then dissapears.

I have re-isntalled roon with no change.

Android 8.0.0
Roon build 333

Keyboard works OK on an older phone with different andriod version.

Works fine on my galaxy note 8 running Android 8.0.0 and Roon build 333 on the phone.

If you have a Samsung device you might have a look at this:

I have a Samsung S9+. Turing off full screen mode as suggested prevents the keyboard from disapperaing allowing the seach to be used.

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Had the same issue on my LG G6. Disabling Full Screen mode worked for me too.

FYI to Roon Support - this issue is STILL not fixed even with today’s latest update.

Thanks for the feedback here @Bryan_McElhaney – no Android specific changes in this release, but just to be clear, are you saying the keyboard doesn’t work in Roon with full-screen mode disabled?

At the moment, we don’t support Android full-screen mode, but we’re looking into how we can make a change here in the future. For now, you should be able to turn that mode off for Roon and everything will work.

That said, if you’re not able to type even with full-screen mode disabled, please let us know.

Hi Mike,

No it works when I disengage full screen mode as before. I’m just surprised you guys haven’t found a fix by now. I love Roon, but it is literally the ONLY app on my phone that doesn’t work in full screen mode. I can’t believe it’s that hard to fix?

Anyway, thanks for asking and all you guys do.

To make this more annoying Roon doesn’t stay in non full screen mode so every time you want to search you have to disable it.