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I’ve got problem with my roon core, it seems that it can’t find my nas.

  • I can access my NAS files from file explorer
  • I can acces my NAS files from web browser
  • Roon core is visible to my nas in network

But I can’t add my music library from my NAS
and many other…

Do you have idea why it’s stuck like that?

Hey @Jan_Janos,

Thanks for letting us know. Would you mind entering the IP address instead of the name of your NAS to connect it in Roon?

try \nasname\folders

Or IP but starting \

same thing happens

and the same thing happens either when I use nasname or IP adress
in my case: \NAS\music

Hey @Jan_Janos,

You can only mount a drive via SMB. Would you please try:


Detailed instructions can be found here:

Thank you for your instruction
Everything works now :smile:

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