Can't connect to Airport Express

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Up until a few days ago I was able to use Roon with my Airport Express but I’ve now run into a problem, i.e. Roon insists that the IP address of the Airport Express is (which I think is a self assigned address) yet the actual address is I can stream to the Airport Express using iTunes, and my phone, but Roon refuses to work.

FYI, I’m using the latest version of Roon on a Macbook Pro running the current version of High Sierra.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can fix this?

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The two IP addresses noted are on different subnets. Roon presently does not work across different subnets. So, that would be the place to start your investigation. Ensure that your IP addresses are being assigned from the same subnet pool and that you are not running a double NAT somewhere in your network.


Hi AJ,

As I mentioned, the actual IP address of the Airport Express is, as reported by the Airport Express itself, and the router. If I set my mac to output to the Airport Express, then set Roon to the System Output I can play to the Airport Express. When I set it directly to the Airport Express the output fails because Roon is incorrectly identifying the IP address.

I’ve rebooted my Mac, reset the Airport Express to factory settings, and rebooted my router, but it hasn’t helped.

If you can suggest anything else I’d be grateful.

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Hi AJ,

Here’s a screen grab of both IP addresses:



What is the current IP address of your Roon core? Have you tried rebooting everything including the router?

Hi Ratbert,

My Roon core is running on my laptop: IP address is, so the same subnet as the Airport Express. And yes, I’ve rebooted the laptop and router and factory reset the airport express.

More details from the ape might be helpful like what is the gateway and dns address assigned and is there any dhcp setting issue in the router? Same for the core too

Oddly, it’s working again this morning, but only after I shut down my laptop and rebooted. Prior to that I’d restarted my machine twice, and on both occasions Roon couldn’t see the correct IP address of the Airport Express, but shooting it down and restarting seems to have sorted the problem.

Thanks for your help.

The issue I discussed in this thread is clarified in this thread:

Closing this topic out to avoid “double posts” and any confusion. Continuing the investigation here:

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