Can't find SonicTransporter Roon Core after update

I cannot connect to my core ,when I open roon it says cannot find the core

very frustrating, I belatedly went and followed the instructions and removed bits and still when I open roon it says cant find the core…still says waiting for remote core …still trying to connect etc…stuck there…I suppose I am stuck having to wait for a new update

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strange, I removed the bits as instructed and nothing has changed…still doesnt find the core

I dont know why the work around didnt work for me, I removed the bits as instructed but nothing changed…any idea about timing for a new firmware update?

how do we get this update?..all I see is cant connect to core

I am using a sonictransporter and I rebooted it and started up my roon and same issue still searching for roon core and stuck there…some help please…I removed the bits earlier and cant get past roon is searching for the core so I dont know how to upgrade to the new 1169 and really would appreciate help

I am tagging @support per this post -

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how do I access 1169…when I try to open roon as usual it says cant find the core and wont go any further…how do I get beyond this to load the new firmware and get up and running?

Hi @jon_brachfeld ,

I split your post into its own thread so that we can work one-on-one to resolve the issue. It sounds like your Sonictransporter is still stuck and we will need to manually expose the SonicTransporter SMB share so that we can remove those bits file. Please see @agillis post from here on how to expose the SonicTransporter database:

Then, after you are able to connect to the SonicTransporter, please follow the same instructions to locate and remove the bits file:

  1. Stop RoonServer process on the SonicTransporter Web Interface

  2. Go to your SonicTransporter Database Location via another PC on the network – instructions

  3. Go to Database/Registry/Core

  4. Delete the file called bits

  5. Start RoonServer again from the SonicTransporter interface

  6. Let us know if this resolves the issue on your end


I talked to andrew at small green computer and passed along this exchange…I have no idea how to do this myself…all I know is everything was working fine until this morning and I have no idea how to fix this on my own.I did remove the bits as instructed from the roon system earlier but that did nothing…

I am very frustrated here

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it is above my pay grade to be trying to do this in my sonic transporter…this is really frustrating because there literally is nothing I can do myself…I am hoping andrew at small green computer can fix it on his end…in my case it just says cant find roon core

perhaps but some of us have been trying to fix the problem all day to no avail

@jon_brachfeld not sure if it’d help, but @noris has popped you in a separate thread. If you have spoke with @agillis , can he talk you through the process with your SonicTransport. The instructions do appear very easy to follow for what is needed.

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I tried all that with my sonic and it did not work

he was out and about, I do hope he can help me when he gets the chance

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for a sonicTransporter you need to use these directions to expose the Roon database

Also I noticed on Linux version of Roon the bits file is in Database/Registry/Core NOT

Hope this helps anybody having this issue on a sonicTransporter


Thanks @agillis

:+1: @support, the paths in the KB(s) should be fixed, apparently. Someone also mentioned that they are not quite right for Mac either (but I don’t know, having no Mac)