Can't import iTunes library

I’ve installed Roon and tried to import iTunes library but it does’nt work.
Xml library is in user/music/itunes/
iTunes media is stored on external HD with about 40k tracks.
In advanced preferences of iTunes is enabled “Share iTunes Library XML”
Enabling sync of iTunes Music Library, Roon scan all 40K files but at the end appears message "Please install iTunes and enable “Share iTunes Library XML in Advanced Preferences” for some second and restart scanning.
Can you help me?

Hello @Riccardo_Caldarella, sorry for troubles.

What OS do you use? Can you please paste (here or send it to me over PM) the command you’ve entered in Terminal/ Command Prompt and the actual path to your iTunes Library.xml file.


Thanks for kind reply,
I use Mac OSX El Capitain 10.11.2
The path of iTunes Library.xml file is: /Users/“username”/Music/iTunes
I don’t have entered any command in Terminl/Comand Prompt but simply enabled iTunes Music Library in Storage/Settings in Roon app.

Additional information, in I check on or off “Share iTunes Library XML” option in iTunes the result is the same as you can see below.

Sorry, but I have yet to receive support on my trouble.
Actualy importation of iTunes Library does’nt work, as workaround I have imported iTunes media as Watched Folder, but I don’t have my personal playlist.
My trial period will expire January 21, 2016 and I want to have Roon that works fine before to confirm subscrition.

Hello @Riccardo_Caldarella, apologize for delay here.

It sounds like Roon can’t reach iTunes Library.xml file. The first thing I would like to check if it is properly syncing with iTunes.
To confirm the file is being updated properly - make a quick change in iTunes and confirm that the XML file is being updated – for example, create a playlist called Test or add a file to an existing playlist temporarily. You should see the file modification time update to whenever you made the change in iTunes, like this:

This is my Finder before the creation of new playlist

Then new Library after new play list:

It seems to me that roon sees iTunes Library because it start scanning of files

but at the end of scanning i have this error

Remember that iTunes Media is stored on external HD

Let me know if need other informations

Hey @Riccardo_Caldarella,

Thanks for the screenshots, would you mind to share your Roon logs so we could get a better sense of what is going on with Roon. I’ll PM you shortly with a detailed instructions.