Cant log in to roon or tidal

hi, im having an issue, my computer updated and now I cant log in to tidal on roon or my roon account on the setting tab in roon , it finds my meridiam ms600 and knows who I am but says error retrieving account info in the roon account, and when I try and log into tidal on roon services it says an unexpected error , please help , cheers mike

Does the computer running Roon have access to to Internet?

I assume you have tried rebooting it.

hi yes I have internet and ive rebooted it, also deleted roon and reinstalled it , checked my firewall , giving roon public and private access,

Hey @fergy70 – can you try the process described here and let me know if things are working better?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Yep, that did the trick all back up and running again, just on an extra item I take it my meridian twinstore that has all my cds on it it redundant as it not discovered by roon and I need to rip the cds to the pc now

Mike, no need to rip again. Just export your albums from Sooloos to a folder somewhere. Ensure you select NATIVE export.

I’m a little scratchy on the export issue , how do I export if I can’t see the twinstore on roon, and I can’t see the ip address

Do you still have a functioning Sooloos system ? If so, then use Control PC to set up the export.

If you don’t then you need another solution.