Can't log into Roon! [Resolved]

All of a sudden I can’t log into Roon from my android mobile or my android tablet!

What’s going on?!?

I type in my password, and I see “Logging In” continuously! Please help!

Hi @Fauzi_Garib ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. If you are accessing Roon from a remote device, in this case a cell phone and tablet, you shouldn’t need to log in as they should be connecting to the device hosting your “core”. Is your core machine currently up and running?

Can you please provide the following:

  1. Since reporting this issue have you tried power cycling all of your equipment?

  2. Can you please provide me with a brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.


Hi Eric!

I’m currently running the Linux Docker of Roon. From both cell phone and tablet, as soon as I start the app, it shows me the server to connect to. I connect to it. Then it goes to a login screen… From there I type my Roon login ad password, an fit keeps logging in.

I’m just resetting my server.

Will report back.

Fauzi Garib

Hi @Fauzi_Garib ---- Thank you for touching base with and providing some details about your current setup. How did the re-boot go, was there any change in behavior here?


Hey there!

I found that the problem didn’t lay with Roon at all. Rather, it was with my Docker and unraid server… The Docker image was starting to run out of space and causing all sorts of havoc.

Erased the Docker image, and re established a new one… Had a few extra Dockers running which I didn’t need, so I didn’t reinstall those from my templates. NY server started running as if nothing had ever happened.

One thing: I tried to restore my Roon library backup from Dropbox… Oh that was horrible… Was taking just short if forever. Four hours later, only 15 Oct was done. So I simply copied the backup files over locally and restored from that. Flawless.

Thank you for your follow up!

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