Can't see core audio devices after upgrade to b416

I love Roon and I apologize for not being more technically oriented. :flushed:

Now that I’ve updated both my core and tablet, I can’t get my tablet to see my core device and my music is playing through the speakers in my core (MacBook Air). I opened the settings on my core and the only options given under Sound Output are Default - Internal Speakers and Internal Speakers.

Hi @S_J_A,

Can you share some screenshots of your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this community site.

I have sometimes seen OSX firewalls block Roon after an update, can you double check to make sure this hasn’t by any chance happened by following these instructions?

– Noris

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Thanks again Noris, I played around with the settings and somehow I got it working as it should again.

I appreciate all your help!

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